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Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Burger King

I had a great, classic Whopper with cheese yesterday. Was hot, fresh, tasty and got it quick. I like how toward the end of the Whopper-eating experience it gets very, very juicy with ketchup, mustard, mayo, tomato and burger juice sinking into the bun. For fast food burgers, the Whopper is still....king. Also, I'm glad BK got rid of the creepy masked King guy in the commercials. He gave me the willies.

Rating: 1

csism Burger King

This is the worst restaurant experience in Lawrence. This supposedly "Fast" Food takes no less than 10 minutes in the drive through each and every time I have been there. Every time I go I think maybe his time will be different, well nope. The food is mediocre at best much less appetizing, the coffee is cold, the fries are hard and taste like they have been sitting out for an hour and just like the below comment when you don't receive what you order you are treated disrespectfully and with contempt.

Rating: 2

Amesmb Burger King

I recently asked my husband to make a quick run to this Burger King and he came home saying he wouldn't be going back. After placing his order, he waited in the drive-thru for probably 10 minutes before being told that they were out of the kind of pie he'd ordered. This sometimes happens, of course, but he was also told that he couldn't get a refund. Why? Because the manager wasn't there. Why this was a requirement I don't know, but considering the likeliness of someone needing a refund due to supply running out, cashier error, etc. why didn't they have a manager there? They instead gave my husband a different kind of dessert. I'm glad they at least did that much, but it seemed sort of odd to me and suffice it to say he wasn't very happy with them. The food itself was pretty good, at least.

Rating: 1

stopbeingsomean Burger King

I decided to go to burger king tonight and it was a big mistake. I ordered the mushshroom and swiss burger and when i got home I realized that they did not put any mushrooms on it. So i went back. When i told the lady what was wrong she acted annoyed. When she came back to the window she handed me my burger and told me that I was wrong, the burger was made right but she made another one for me anyways. I said that it was not right, its a mushroom and swiss - what I was given was just a swiss. She said they are not supposed to put very many mushrooms on the burgers... once again I pointed out that there were not ANY on the burger. She rolled her eyes and slammed her window in my face. After that i decided to call the manager, having had worked at burger king a few years back I had a feeling it would be pointless because half the time the night manager was scheduled at night for a reason... When i told her what happened, she said "well did we make a new burger for you or not?" Like that was the only thing she got?! Apparently this place thinks it is okay to be rude to customers. Not only will I never go there again, but if I ever see that lady at my place of employment I will make sure to let her know what customer service is...

Rating: 3

JenniferBaker Burger King

I don't normally eat fast food or I try not to as much as possible. But the other day I was running late and didn't have any time for anything else other than fast food. Well I stopped at Burger King and I have to say for fast food it was ok. I still do not recommend you eat fast food unless you have too but Burger King was ok.