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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Rating: 4

GaryLaster2002 Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

I always enjoy my visit. Great Wings!

Rating: 3

cbohnstedt Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Although I usually enjoy going, I feel like there's definitely inconsistent quality of the food. Sometimes I go and the wings are great, other times I go and they're cold and hardly sauced. It's pretty hit or miss, and the last couple of times I've gone have been more miss than hit. Unless I'm craving wings, I generally avoid BWW just because I don't want to pay $20 for dry, tasteless wings that are the size of my thumb. I know the new ordering system for wings is supposed to remedy that, but the past three times I've gone and ordered under the new system, the quality has been even worse.

Rating: 2

Meredith Burke Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

I have resorted to carry-out because I can't put up with the horrible service. I have seriously only had one good server. Most of the time the server will drop off food and that's it, no drink refills, I usually have to hunt someone down to get my check, etc. Managers need to stop hiring pretty girls who flirt for tips and get some real servers who can do their job. When done right, their wings are awesome though. I've noticed a significant decrease in size though over the years.

Rating: 1

IslandBug Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Choose this place over others because when we called to find out about coverage on the NFL games we were told that they would cover the NFL games until all games were over. There was also a sign on the door stating that the football games would be covered in their entirety. Well imagine the surprise when at the end of the third quarter they switched to the UFC fights. Spoke to 2 managers and both said they needed to cater to everyone. About 30 football fans cleared out. Guess they don't really mean what they say and post. Both managers shrugged their shoulders and said sorry. Didn't quite feel that they really meant it. So, my advice is if you are wanting to watch NFL, you might want to consider somewhere other than here. BTW, we spent close to $200.00, that really didn't seem to concern them either. That will be the last money spent there.

Rating: 5

Eddie Muñoz Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

THE place in Lawrence to watch the NFL on Sundays.

IslandBug replies...

Not on Saturday nights. They change the games before they are over to UFC fights, even though the sign on the door and the person answering the phone clearly states that the games will be covered until the end. Games turned off in the 3rd quarter.

Rating: 4

jld8996 Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Food was great. Nice atmosphere. Conveniently in downtown.