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Buckingham Palace Housecleaning

Rating: 1

SMM Buckingham Palace Housecleaning

3 people came to clean my house for an initial cleaning and I found several items for feedback on improvement from the windows behind the sink not getting cleaned at all, mold remaining in the shower, and dust pushed to the back of dressers and shelves remaining, etc. The pricing was far more than realized upon initial conversation with Becky in the office because the hourly charge is apparently per person in your home as I now understand it. It was expensive compared to a service I had once used that was also local with 3 people. When the post office caused a delayed payment because my check was sent back through the mail which I finally received back over 6 months later revealing the problem. My account was immediately sent to collections with no phone call or second notice to pay my bill. Becky from the office scolded me and point blank told me that I was trying to skirt my responsibility for my amount due. I simply didn't want to pay the overtime charge from the collection agency. When the snafu on the post office's end was realized and made known to Buckingham Palace Becky simply couldn't apologize when given the opportunity as I calmly explained how the way she talked to me made me feel. So, this final phone encounter with her is what has pushed me to leave my review. I have honestly never had such an awful experience with someone in retail type services.

bkersten replies...

Dear SMM I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your experience with our company and more pointedly with me. As you can imagine delinquent accounts are troublesome and stories are always a plenty. When you called me yesterday I honestly was having difficulty remembering the situation and then upon further research after your call, I discovered this service was provided almost 1 year ago and our last contact was in January. When we spoke back in January of this year, it was follow up to us sending your account to collections after 4 months of trying to settle the account. I realize you feel we never contacted you after the initial invoice; however my records show 2 additional mailings to your current address and 2 phone calls which were never returned until you received the collection notice. When we were approaching year end and your open 120 day delinquent account was still there, we did not have any choice but to send it on to the collections service for closure.

In response to your dissatisfaction of our cleaning services I wish you would have voiced that concern at the time of my “follow up to the service phone call” instead of stating things were fine and the problem was with the pricing. We want our clients to be happy with our service which is why we guarantee our services and we would have happily came back to address any item or items you were unhappy with.