Brien Plumbing Company

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Brien Plumbing Company

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Brien Plumbing Copmpany is the oldest plumbing company in Lawrence. Our business opened in 1953 and has survived many changes in the past 55 years.

Lynn Brien (now deceased-4-21-2005) started his plumbing business on nothing but a mere "shoe string". He went to Douglas County State Bank, sat down across the desk from the President of the bank, George Docking, who later became Governor of Kansas, asked to borrow $2,000.00 to open his plumbing business, left the bank with the money in hand and the rest is "almost" history.

Mr. Brien learned his trade while attending Haskell Institute, known today as Haskell Indian Nations and graduated in 1947 with his degree in plumbing.

Lynn's three sons, Sam, Brad and Mike have all worked in the business at some time with Mike being the only one to continue. The company has gone from doing commercial and residential plumbing and remodeling, but has since downsized to service and repair work.

After Lynn's death, his wife Bea, son Mike and daughter Bianca took over the business, which is still thriving today.

If you want expert plumbing repair and service work, call the BEST........Brien Plumbing Company!