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Bradley Animal Hospital, P.A.

Rating: 5

erinw Bradley Animal Hospital, P.A.

I, like many people, consider my dogs my kids. I have an 8 year old Yorkie Maltese named Lucy and if it was not for Dr. Magee and Dr. Bradley I would have lost my best friend. Lucy developed stones in her urethra and bladder and was completely obstructed. I noticed it was a serious problem when Lucy had not peed in a couple hours after trying to pee for hours. I rushed her to the emergency vet in Overland Park at 2am. They did X-rays and they did show what I had anticipated, a complete obstructions. They were not able to get a catheter in to drain her bladder due to the stones so they used a needle and drained her bladder through her abdomen. I wanted to wait on surgery and take her to Dr. Magee and Dr. Bradley because they know Lucy. After getting her home at 6:30am, she was clearly very uncomfortable but still mildly sedated. I called the office and spoke with the receptionist and when I got there, there was a room for Lucy and they were already calling to get records from the emergency vet clinic. Dr. Magee consulted Dr. Bradley as well as a soft tissue surgeon in Manhattan to get their input. We formulated a plan and a backup plan (send Lucy to the surgeon in K-State). Dr. Bradley came in on his day OFF to help get the stones out with a scope. And worked at it for hours. They were not able to get the stones out through the urethra but were able to get the stones back up into the bladder. Monday (after we give her more fluids, pain medication, antibiotics and let the swelling go down) she will do a procedure to remove the stones from her bladder (which is much easier than removing them from her urethra). All in all, it was very complex. Without these amazing people my best friend wouldnt be coming home. I have been to a couple different vets in my quest to find the one that fits my needs the best and they have surpassed them more than I can say. These people are very talented, honest, humble and most importantly caring and compassionate about what they do. They will never understand what they did for me by fixing Lucy. I am and will be forever thankful.