Bourgeois Pig

6 E 9th St, Lawrence, KS 66044


The Pig

Open today until 2 a.m.

The Bourgeois Pig-regulars truncate it to "the Pig"-can rightfully claim to have been the first bar/cafe in Lawrence (at least in post-Speak Easy times) to combine the wonders of alcohol, fine coffee and fine atmosphere into one place. Other coffee shops or bars might serve one or the other, but the Pig's claim to fame was combining liquor and caffeine-and their respective users-into one environment.

Granted, it's a small environment-on crowded nights you might think you're in Tokyo-but if you're looking for literary wonks, smooth bartenders, overly smart undergraduates, great drinks and a clientele likely to have made movies or written books or both, this is the place. There's art on the walls-good art usually-and related openings nearly every month. The Pig's first show featured shotgun paintings by William Burroughs.

The front patio (facing 9th street) offers some of the best people watching in Lawrence. The back porch is nice and quiet and features a recently renovated smoking area, complete with outdoor heater