Bob's Auto Maintenance, Inc 785-843-7999

Visit website 640 N 2nd St, Lawrence, KS 66044 Opens Thursday at 8 a.m.

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  • Phone: 785-843-7999
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Rating: 5

Narph Bob's Auto Maintenance, Inc

Great staff, I mean the guy owns the place and works his butt off. Besides that he is probably the smartest mechanic i've ever gone to. I'd definitely trust him with more than an oil change. Have a buddy that had him drop a new engine in his ranger and it runs like a dream. I'm not sure what the heck that other reviewer was talking about, it seems so bad and unlike my experience that I'm assuming it is probably fake.

Rating: 1

lynzee Bob's Auto Maintenance, Inc

Bobs auto gave me by far the worst experience I've ever had with a mechanic in my life. My car was making two noise he said were both caused by the same issue. So three hundred dollars later one noise is gone, but one is still there. Here's the kicker a new noise! It was five o'clock so instead of staying a few minutes late (like he said it would take) he made me come back the next day. After about fifteen minutes we take it for a drive. The new noise is now present. I try explaining my car was not making that noise prior to him "working" on my car. He chuckles and says "Oh so you brought your car to me because it wasn't making noise?" He had a few other smart remarks for me as well. "What do you expect from a 2000 model vehicle?" "Guess you should just buy a new car" And "just turn up the radio and ignore it." Not telling me if it was safe or not. I didn't even feel comfortable to drive with my children in the car. He then suggests I bring it in another day. That guy is the biggest joke. I wouldn't trust him to change my windshield wipers. I took it to another mechanic and was informed the noise my car was making was because the failed to remove all the parts while taking out my emergency break. Which could have cause me a lot of trouble in the future.