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Bargain Depot, Inc.

Rating: 1

mswalm49 Bargain Depot, Inc.

We bought an assembled BHG Gas Grill from these folks, less than 2 weeks ago and upon first use it's side burner would not ignite, the knobs got very hot and then melted. I was unable to turn off the gas. The appliance was obviously not assembled correctly, it's totally useless. I understood that there could be no cash refund, but to sell faulty products doesn't merit continued patronage. I certainly do not recommend shopping at this store. Zero stars!

Rating: 1

Dreama Humes Bargain Depot, Inc.

Honestly I wouldn't even give the 1 star. After hours of deciding on tile and still wasn't sure if it was right. I agreed to buy the tile near $250 worth with Store clerk stating that I can return any unused tile for a refund NOT A STORE CREDIT A REFUND. Because there was signs on the door, counter, receipt, & throughout the store I kept questioning the policy he said no no you can bring it back with no worries any unused portion. Okay I decided to buy choose not to use any of it next day took the tile back because we changed our minds. The owner refused a refund although the kid that was working there told me otherwise the kid said I may get into trouble for this but, I will honor it. Why would he say it if he'd get into trouble? Anyways in the mist of refunding the store owner stopped the refund. NO REFUND AS PROMISED INSTEAD A STORE CREDIT! What is this? Why would I ever buy from a place that honor the customer is always right or even better the kid that said it said started the refund and owner stopped it the kid knew he was in the wrong. I told the owner that I will be filling a complaint with the BBB and blasting him online his response was go ahead store policy is store no matter what my sales rep said in front of 3 witnesses.