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Rating: 5

lexatku12 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bambino's is fantastic! I have tried several of their dishes and have loved every one of them. Also, every one of the servers is extremely polite and helpful. My favorite dish is the Mama's Pasta Primavera with sausage because it has a little bit of everything, meat, veggies, alfredo and marinara. It's amazing!!! If you are looking for something lighter then I also really like the antipasto salad with grilled chicken, it's great stuff. Everyone should go try Bambino's very soon!

Rating: 5

kfahy41490 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I highly recommend this restaurant! I have been here several times and every time the food and service was excellent. My favorite menu item is the seafood ravioli, but the pasta di bambino is excellent as well. Bambino's is also really the only sit-down Italian place in Lawrence with this kind of menu variety. Again, highly recommended :).

Rating: 5

jcannon23 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Just had the pizza, it was delicious!!! The service was great!!!! The bar's Manhattan was one of the best I have had!! I will definitely return to try more of the items on their menu.

Rating: 5

beckaboo1212 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

It was a great atmosphere. I loved the music as well. If you stop by you should try the eggplant parmesan, its an instant classic. As far as the service goes, it was very prompt without being too overbearing. I will definitely be back again!

Rating: 5

FrancoG Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I certainly recommend this place , and I think its only a matter of time before this place becomes well known! Gourmet quality food and top notch service at an affordable price.

Rating: 5

AbigailRuth89 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bamino's food is fantastic and the service is even better. They have great drinks and drink specials with great prices. I always get the Pasta di Bambino, which is their famous meatsauce on cavatelli (shells) with baked provolone on top. It is reallyyy good if you are a cheese lover. Also, for just a couple extra dollars you can add a house salad, which I get with ranch on the side. They make their own ranch and it has a hint of dill in it (and it is better than any ranch I have ever had). Their pizzas are also really good and they hand make their own dough, which makes the pizza even fresher. I will definitely be back to bambinos soon

Rating: 5

lacullen12 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bambino's Italian Restaurant is an amazing place to get Italian food in Lawrence,KS. I have eaten at Bambino's numerous times and have loved everything I have tried with my favorites being the pasta di bambino as well as the Caprese salad! The service is also really great and everyone is always really friendly, I definitely recommend for everyone to try out this great place!

Rating: 5

chermann Bambino's Italian Restaurant

What a wonderful place to eat! The food and service are absolutely AMAZING! The food was extremely fresh, well prepared, and served in a timely manner. Could not ask for a better Italian place in this fine city!! Will definitely be recommending to family and friends! Thanks Bambino's!

Rating: 5

Professor8911 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Had the special of the day parmesan cheese crusted tilapia over some rice with veggies. My family loves to fish so I know my fishes and that is the best tilapia I have tasted. I took my neighbor since his never been to Bambino's he is in love with the chicken piccata. As a matter of fact he made a funny comment about it, he said if it was a girl he would marry it, Lol. I am going to join your facebook page. Please always send out the daily specials on facebook so I can keep up with your daily specials. Thanks Bambino's

Rating: 5

Cnicole Bambino's Italian Restaurant

My family and I have been coming to Bambinos since it reopened at its new location. We eat at Bambinos on a regular basis and have never had any complaints on the food or the service. When we treat our friends and family to dinner we always choose Bambinos. We choose to come here because of the wonderful service, the delicious food, and the friendly family atmoshphere. I recommend Bambinos to anyone who is looking for a pleasant dining experience.

Dick Smith and Family

Rating: 1

foodfan Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Rating: 5

RichardKUAlumni Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Thanks Bambino's. My family and I have been going to the Bam. for years, even when they were on Mass. If you have not been to the new location, it's to die for. The old location was small this place is big with a nice looking bar area and outside patio. To me the service and food got way better. The food is not only good they give a good portion to fill you. The price is very reasonable. I also like the new mood, paintings right on the walls, and music they play. Speaking of music a few weeks back we went their I beleave it was a Saturday night and they had a live musician playing great guitar and some original songs. If I had any complain it would be that they don't have more than one location in town. Lawrence could use more restaurants like this. Thank's Bambino's

Rating: 5

ccigars Bambino's Italian Restaurant

It seems like a few reviewers haven't visited the new Bambino's location at Billings & Wakarusa. They have really done a great job with the remodel. Great staff and the new menu has a lot of good additions. In particular, the traditional pizzas are one of a kind, nothing else like them in town. If you enjoy a more Neapolitan take on pizza, it is more than worth your time to give one a try. I've had a few of the Margheritas and was very pleased. (Generally I'm a Chicago style guy, but I might be converting. This was a tremendous boost to the menu.)

One thing about Italian food, especially for those of us lucky enough to live with a good cook, is that it tends to be something that can be made fairly well and fairly cheap in the comfort of one's own home. There is, however, one big consideration: the sauce. Bambino's does a tremendous job on the sauces. For me, the Arrabbiata is the winner. A great combination of flavor and spice that comes just short of inducing a full sweat. If you like heat, this is another dish to try.

The drink selection is also to be complimented. Make sure to try a Hurricane. Right now, they might hold the title in Lawrence for that cocktail. All in all, there's great food, great atmosphere and great people. Even if you've been to the old location, there are a host of reasons to try the new and improved Bambino's.

Rating: 5

Nana1433 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bambino's has great class. My grand kids were with us, at times they started to get just a little rowdy but our waiter was great with them. Kid talking with them taking their mind away from being rowdy.... The kids liked the pizza... When I saw the total amount for our bill, I was amazed that it wasn't a lot more for this class of establishment. Their motto is 'Fine Food, Fair Price' it should be 'Great Food, Outstanding Prices'. Highly recommended

Rating: 5

Mandy_Loves_Peace Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I come from the south were the taste of the food is very very important. Since I came up here for school I have not tasted food with the deep deep taste of greatness like we have in the south, till I eat at Bambino's tonight. I'm not talking about the kind of food, I'm talking about the teast of it. Hands down BAMBINO'S HAS THE BEST TASTING FOOD IN LAWRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5

JenniferBaker Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Me and 5 of my girlfriends went to Bambino's for lunch/dinner after a baby shower. It was great. After dinner we had a few drinks. Not only did they have a fully stocked bar...I was very surprised to find out that they had my favorite drink Grand Marnier. I have asked for this drink at a lot of places in town and they don't have it but Bambino's dose. After the bar we went out to the patio out side, what a nice place with different kinds of moods, lighting, and atmosphere. I love the service and the different texture of the restaurant side, the bar side, and the out door patio. Thanks Bambino's

Rating: 5

StevenW Bambino's Italian Restaurant

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! The food at Bambino's is incredible. And the service is one of the best I have seen. I am lactose intolerance (I can't eat cheese or any dairy product), when my wife and I ordered we forgot to tell the waiter to hold the cheese. So when she brought out our dish, my wife told her that I can't eat cheese, she said no problem... She said she will have the cook re-cook the dish with no cheese and she would have it out as soon as possible. Even though the restaurant was busy and it was my fault, she had my dish to me with no cheese in no time. Often my wife and I order the same dish and when she tastes my dish with no cheese, she always reminds me that it is not as good as hers with the cheese. This time when she teasted my dish without the cheese she was amazed that it was just as good as hers, if not better. We were so impressed by the food and service we got that we've been back 4 times. My wife and I highly recommend Bambino's. Next weekend we are taking our kids.

Rating: 5

LCCL96 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bambinos has gotten bigger and better since the move to their new location. My family and I went to their other location ocasionally because of the great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Now they have a new chef and everything tastes top notch. The specials are amazing and I cannot wait to see what the new chef has in store for their new menu!

Rating: 1

black_butterfly Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I used to be a big fan of Bambino's lunch buffet when they were located on Mass St. I was glad when I heard that they had a Sunday brunch buffet also. I told my children how great Bambino's was and how nice the owner was. We went on a Sunday morning for the buffet. It was late mid-morning but I figured since it was advertised as a "Brunch buffet" we would be okay.I even asked if we still had time to have the brunch buffet because it was around 11. We were told yes. First of all it took us forever to get seated. Then the buffet was picked over and the food was cold. When I inquired if the buffet would be replenished the staff person acted irritated that I had bothered him and said he would go ask the cook if he was going to cook anything else for the buffet. After waiting for quite some time I realized that my family was the only customers who were eating the brunch buffet and customers were coming in to order lunch. I guess since we were the only family eating the brunch buffet we weren't important enough for them to care about the quality of food and the service we were getting. I asked again about the buffet, particularly bacon and biscuts/ gravy. I asked to speak to the owner. Finally someone in a dirty apron (I assume the cook) came out and put more biscuts and gravy out, placing the lid of the warming pan on the FLOOR and then slammed it back on the tray where food was. The owner finally came out and we asked again for bacon. About 15 minutes later the server came out to our table with a plate of about 15 pieces of bacon and said here you guys can just have the whole plate. This was offensive, but we did take the bacon because we had barely eaten anything. The owner gave us $2.00 off each meal which was nice but she acted like we were being unreasonable. Don't advertise a brunch buffet if you are going to be too cheap to keep it stocked until it is over. If they had told us that they don't keep the buffet fully stocked if it is close to lunch time we would have gone elsewhere. Needless to say we will not go back to Bambino's. The only reason why we went is because our favorite breakfast spot, First Watch, had closed down. It's been about 6 weeks since our bad experience at Bambino's and I've lost about 10 lbs since. LOL. First Watch opens back up this weekend! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Rating: 4

penguin04 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Have been to Bambinos several times since they have moved to their new location. Service has always been good but their food can sometimes be hit or miss. Bruschetta is great, but either our server messed up our order or they don't know what cavatelli is. Sometimes their breadsticks are awesome and other times they are hard as a rock. Lawrence is in desperate need of a reasonably price, homestyle Italian restaurant and we're hoping that Bambinos can fill that void. They need more pasta specials and a good side salad with their pasta dishes, but food is pretty good other than that.

Rating: 5

goatcheese567 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I love Bambinos. It is a great place that stretches your dollar. I can go in for high-quality food at affordable prices. I love the friendly atmosphere, and the polite servers. I always get pasta alla zia. It is an Alfredo sauce with chicken and vegetables. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Rating: 5

alittletoday Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bambino's is hands down my favorite restaurant in Lawrence. The servers are friendly and make sure that your meal is going great, which isn't a problem since the food is so damn good!!! The chef has come out to talk to my husband and I many times and he really cares about the food he serves. They have the best combination in town of good food at great prices!

Rating: 5

orsondog23 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I am a huge fan of the new Bambinos! They came to the the Wakarusa location with the same old favorites but an even better chef. Our server was extremely friendly and very helpful when picking out a wine choice. I love the Pesto sauce, so I get it every time. My husband got the Shrimp Arribiata and I recommend it for those who like spicy foods and shrimp. They even have Pizza for the kids.

Rating: 1

cmlgfc Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I was extremely disappointed with the service and quality of food at Bambinos. Our waiter came to our table twice. Once to get our drink and food order,and a second time to serve our food. Both entrees arrived cold and tasted like sauce served out of a jar. My pasta dish resembled soup because there was so much sauce. It was inedible, I literally took two bites. I will never return and I do not encourage anyone to dine at this establishment