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Apples & Oranges Day / Evening Childcare

Rating: 1

RoxieLin Apples & Oranges Day / Evening Childcare

Flighty, flaky and a terrible communicator. We were all set to take our child to daycare, and asked if we could sign a contract. She said, "oh, that's not necessary." Two weeks later, when we were getting ready to bring him in, she had given his spot away to some one else. I looked on, and she had posted ads saying that she had two spots available after our first interview; another ad was placed after our second conversation (which included us asking for a contract), and then another ad after our third conversation, during which we set the exact date that our little boy was supposed to start. She clearly just puts ads up all the time hoping to get people willing to pay a little more. We only want him in daycare one day per week, and I can totally understand why she would want a full time child; however, due to her lack of professionalism, lack of communication, and lack of respect (she sent rude text messages to my husband about me), I am forced to write this review.

I didn't want to take our little guy there anyway, but we were between a rock and a hard place. Her house smells like animal urine. The backyard is filled with rocks, gravel and dirty toys. Her back porch (which she says the children aren't allowed on) looks like it may fall off at any moment. I looked at the Kansas Health Department inspections, and over the last three years, she has numerous violations. For fear of slander accusations, I will simply post a link to the public record of such.