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Rating: 3

Matt Tindell Applebee's Neighborhood Grill

I hate to leave too bad of a review right after they did a remodel, but I see no reason to go to this restaurant over the one on Iowa. I've eaten at both restaurants twice, and the Iowa location has nicer and better staff, and the food was served faster. The actual food is of course very similar. Me and my wife both work late, so we often times get to restaurants about an hour before they close, so we are used to getting not so great service occasionally. We brought her parents to eat there as well, literally all our drinks were empty sitting on the table, no food yet, not sure why it took so long, there were 3 other full tables in the restaurant. I finally had to get up and walk over to the bar, where he was standing talking to other employees and ask for refills, he was obviously very embarrassed and apologized, but that happened both times we went to the restaurant, with 2 different servers. A few minutes later our food came out, which I would take a guess and say were just sitting in the kitchen waiting to be brought out. If the Iowa location is packed I would go here, but that's the only reason.