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Anglers Seafood

Rating: 5

Melanie Birge Anglers Seafood

Wonderful. A few flubs, but great food that made up for it.

Rating: 4

foodfan Anglers Seafood

I have eaten there three times now. I really love the food, and it has great flavor. The last time I went was rather frustrating because they were all out of the appetizer and entree that I had originally ordered. (Which was fine because I love all seafood and had no problem finding another dish). They were also out of the beer that my friend ordered. However, the martini that I had and the appetizer and entree I ended up eating were all phenomenal. GREAT service too.

Rating: 3

Debbie Snyder Anglers Seafood

The wait staff was wonderful. We felt the food was overpriced for the quantity of food we received. We had tempura veggies as an appetizer which were tasty, but $6 and only received 6 pieces was disappointing. The banana foster chocolate bread pudding was the best part of the meal.

Nice atmosphere. We really enjoyed listening to Russ Kapp play the guitar.

Rating: 5

JaySee Anglers Seafood

I love Angler's. Ted and Jeff are great! Fresh seafood flown in daily AND it's sustainable seafood.