Amy's Meats

17967 23rd Street, Lawrence, KS 66044


The Meat Wagon

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We want you to eat healthy and get to know and trust the people you buy from. We are Amy, Dan, Tucker & Ethan Saunders, operating our family ranch & Amy’s Meats located about 8 miles north of Lawrence, Kansas just inside Jefferson County. Dan takes care of the cattle everyday year round, the boys help as much as they can, while I maintain the business and family needs. Together we take great PRIDE in raising the food you eat!

Our beef is NOT supermarket meat! It’s not the same quality, taste or price, it's better, we believe once you try it you’ll be back. 1st: We strive to make a flavorful product that you can enjoy year round. We aim to bring you a consistent, quality product, homegrown & raised without added hormones. 2nd: Our customers come first. We do everything we can to make sure you always have a good experience with our products. 3rd: We are confident enough in our product to guarantee that you will be satisfied or we will make it right with you. Try and get that from a chain grocery store!

We raise our Angus cattle in pastures and finish them on grass with a balanced feed ration. Dan selects breeding stock for preferred traits such as tenderness. We know the complete history of each & every animal. We purchase the corn for our feed from neighboring farmers we know and trust! The calves are on a strict vaccination program to ensure health just like our kids, minimizing and preventing disease. Our customers prefer we not use growth stimulants, (hormones) so we don’t! We’re not going to lie to you, we do use antibiotics. But only if an animal gets sick and even then, only as long as needed. We do our best to insure they never have a bad day.

Our product is not cheap. Why? Because we bring you a consistent, quality product that tastes great with unmatched customer service. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. We treat our ranch as a business so that we may continue to provide our product to you and be viable within our community, in hopes that our children will be able to serve your children with the same or better quality product and service!

Thank you for trusting us.

Amy & Dan Saunders - Owners -