Allcore Roofing & Restoration

Lawrence, KS 66044


We are specialists with experience spanning more than 75 years in the roofing industry. Our highly skilled crews are licensed and insured to take on any siding, guttering, and window replacement job within storm damaged regions!

We are experts at getting your storm damaged roof replaced by even the most reluctant insurance companies. As your liaison we will prepare a comprehensive roof inspection for your insurance company that explains all of the technical justifications to get your claim approved.

Our extensive service area covers Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia, Tennessee and Illinois. If you are not located within any of the listed areas give us a call anyway, we will either refer you to another professionally qualified service company or make arrangements to help you ourselves.

Inspections are FREE so call 1 (877) 380-9797 today to talk with a veteran claims specialist to evaluate your project.