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Rating: 1

nkin Aestheticare of Lawrence

​They removed my review from their affiliated website. I guess they remove all bad reviews and only show 5 stars.

A licensed massage therapist performed my laser hair removal. My first treatment went fine, but for my 2nd treatment, she gave me a second degree burn all over my legs and back and lower belly and the worst, my private area. Three people looked at my private body parts, and took pictures, and I felt so humiliated. The three of them told me "Oh it happens all the time, I got it on my arm and it's all gone!" The burn took a month to heal and I had a hard time sitting and sleeping in that period.

After 10 months, the dark spots are still so visible and ugly. Not only my treatment was postponed, but I had to put this crazy cream on (they did pay for it), which makes my skin dryer than ever and doesn't work as much. First they told me it will go away in 3 months, but every time I go there, they say I have to wait. Their Doctor was very nice and ​​supportive, but Shea, LE, who took over my treatment and was a co-owner sounded mean and wanted to get rid of me.

First off of my recovery, she asked me to pay without checking my account, I kinda felt hurt, but I assumed she just doesn't know and t​​old her that I should have enough money for more treatments. But, she asked the same thing the next time, and I was so hurt, because it was obvious she hadn't kept a record of my treatments. Don't fall for their discounts, I warn you, it's just to get you in, it will be less costly and safer to have a professional doctor do your treatment. They never took accurate record of my treatments and every time I had to insist on what must be treated. In my last session Shea just told me I'm at zero dollar and need to pay more money, while I was sure I had some treatment left because I keep the record in my phone. ​​ She never treated me with respect and unless the doctor was present,​​ she was mean and untidy, one time she didn't even cover my bed with towel.

I can never forgive them when I look at the mirror and see my burned skin. I don't recommend this place at least for ​​hair removal and ​​ my primary care has taken good evidence so I can file a lawsuit, which I will because they even removed my review!