Adult Learning Center

2017 Louisiana , Lawrence, KS 66046


Opens Monday at 8 a.m.

The Adult Learning Center Offers Life-long Learning Opportunities

Lawrence Adult Learning Center students have achieved their Kansas State High School Diplomas through GED completion for more than 40 years. Many ALC clients further their education, achieve job promotions and improve their employment positions.

You can earn your Kansas State High School diploma through successful completion of the GED test. Make that life change now through Lawrence Adult Learning Center, a tried-and-true program.

Major programs offered through ALC include:

* Basic Reading and Math Skills: This program will teach basic reading and math skills and strategies essential in improving the participant’s knowledge base. Identified individual learning needs will determine the skills and strategies to be covered.
 * Skill Development for Employment: This program integrates reading, math, critical thinking, and problem solving competencies necessary for employment.
 * GED Preparation: Math, reading, writing, social studies and science classes, vital for successful completion of the GED exam, are provided to students.
 * English as a Second Language: This program integrates English language listening, speaking, writing and reading instruction. Fall and spring semester classes are offered.