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1301 Randall Road, Lawrence, KS 66049 Open today until 7 p.m.

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Rating: 4

Grizzle Accurate Improvements

I concur with buildergirl. My experience with the folks at Accurate Improvements has been nothing but pleasant. Estimates are readily given, prices are competitive, and work is timely and efficiently completed. As with any home repair, unexpected scenarios are often presented, but nothing beyond the scope of the estimate or budget occurs without being contacted first. Additionally, they seek to take care of customers. When a small, purely cosmetic piece was missing from a job, they quickly sent someone over to make the adjustment. I will use Accurate Improvements again.

Rating: 4

Suzanne Mills Accurate Improvements

We have finally found a professional, licensed contractor who does excellent work. They give accurate estimates and when unforseen issues crop up, they always check with the homeowner should it exceed the estimate. As opposed to the previous post, our experience is that they do clean up most adequately. In addition they compare prices and consult the homeowner regarding which products best fit their needs. We have used Accurate Improvements frequently for home improvement projects and will continue to do so. We highly recommend them.

Rating: 1

newmexico7 Accurate Improvements

They do not give estimates. That's frustrating. So, plan to spend a lot. Not "accurate" work, unfortunately. Leave big mess--though probably not unusual in the remodeling world.