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Accent Pet Grooming

Rating: 1

Jeff Lockhart Accent Pet Grooming

NEVER TAKE YOUR DOG TO THIS HORRIBLE GROOMER. My wife took both our dogs to Accent pet groomers at 12:30 and it was agreed that they would be done at 5pm that same day. My wife tried to call them several times around 5pm but could not reach anyone. She finally got a hold of the someone around 6pm and they said that our dogs would be complete in about an hour. At 8pm my wife went to pick up our dogs an when she got there both dogs had been bathed but NOT groomed. She told the owner that she wanted our dogs back and she would pay the services completed. The owner told my wife she would NOT give her our dogs until they were groomed. Frustrated, scared and very mad at this point, my wife decided to call the Police. While they waited for the Police the owner had one of our dogs groomed. The Police were not very helpful but we did get our dogs back. We paid FULL price for INCOMPLETE service. This was the only way we could get our dogs back this same day. There is NO WAY I would leave my dog at this place over night or for that matter another 30 minutes. The owner was VERY RUDE to us and if she was this rude to us then I wonder what our dogs went through staying there for 8 hours. I am going to report this groomer to the better business bureau.

Rating: 1

jenjen Accent Pet Grooming

I am so glad to see that this business has gotten nothing but bad reviews. I took my Bichon Frise/Poodle mix there several years ago and the grooming that my dog received has made me afraid to go anywhere other than the trusted Pawsh Wash.

When I arrived my dog was taken from me and thrown into a kennel without them even trying to greet her or make her feel comfortable. My dog is not kenneled at home so I know that it was probably traumatic for her to be unceremonially thrown in there. After they put her in the kennel they informed me that there was a water main break and i would be several more hours than we originally discussed. I, against my better judgement, left and called my husband to tell him that I was extremely uncomfortable leaving her there. I will never do that again. I will always listen to my gut. I picked her up after she was there most of the day (we are used to the 2-3 hours that it takes at Pawsh Wash) and they had upcharged me for everything. There was a charge because she was slightly matted and a charge for taking her outside to go to the bathroom. I take my dog to the groomer because her hair is extremely hard to manage and I take her before her mats get out of control so I don't feel that it is right to charge extra to groom a matted dog. A business should be able to quote a price based on the hair type of a given dog and I am used to paying more for her cuts at Pawsh Wash but it is the same or less from the quote to the actual payment. As far as taking her to the bathroom, this is a business that deals with pets, it should be assumed in the quoted price that they may have to go to the bathroom. Furthermore, if they would have had her done in a reasonable time she wouldn't have needed to go to the bathroom.

The worst part of my experience at Accent was that my poor dog was cut so close under her eyes that it was bleeding after I got her home. I asked them to cut her close but I did not ask them to give her razer burn! I am usually the type of person that would go back & complain until I get my money back but I just couldn't bring myself to go there because I was too angry. I will never take my dog back there & would recommend that no one takes their pets there.

Rating: 1

brother_cumulus Accent Pet Grooming

Don't listen to the employee that reply above. This place is horrible. We just got back from the vet after taking our pet to this trailer park of a groomer. Add that to your price as well. Cuts and bruises = pain for your pet for days after, uneven terrible grooming, and they said it would take 3-4 hours but it took them 9. Not to mention they will quote you a price but then up it by 50-75% after the work is already done on top of the vet visit you'll be making. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! GO TO A GROOMER THAT IS CLEAN AND KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. I don't normally write any reviews online but this place brought it out in me. My pet is going through pain and trauma but yours doesn't have to. We have been to a couple other groomers in Lawrence and NEVER had anything like this happen.

Rating: 1

ashley1126 Accent Pet Grooming

Please don't take your pets here. We ended up having to take ours to the vet clinic after getting groomed because of cuts and bruises.

Rating: 1

cerridwen01 Accent Pet Grooming

Horrible place. It took forever to find it, since it is in the worst place possible with no signage. Then I paid almost 30 dollars extra because they said they took my dog outside to go to the bathroom and they gave him a bath, which was a blatant lie, and is included at every other grooming place. To make it worse, they called me 40 minutes after they said he should be done to say " you do know he's done, right?". They were rude, disgusting, and like I said before, horrible. Never going back again.

2lil2blonde replies...

I don't think that is a true statement for this place. I have been going there for about 10 years now and they only charge 3 dollars a potty break. I have never had them treat me or anyone else I know that goes there like that. I do have a question though if they called you 40 minutes after they said he would be done why hadn't you called them or picked up your animal by then?? It sounds to me like they were just asking if you knew and you took it in the wrong way. Like I said I have been going there 10 years and haven't had them be rude to me yet they are all nice young women.