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A & H Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

1717 College St., Baldwin City, KS 785-594-3357

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Howard Stultz Construction

983 E 1700th Rd, Baldwin City, KS 785-842-4796

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K B Painting LLC

Best of Lawrence 2015

1412 Maple Leaf Ct, Baldwin City, KS 785-423-4464

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Markley Ditching LLC

1154 N 800 Rd, Baldwin City, KS 785-842-5524

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Rockers Excavating

1801 N 250th Rd, Baldwin City, KS 785-594-3588

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Tom Nelson Construction

800 Industrial Park Rd, Baldwin City, KS 785-594-4037

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Heritage Weatherization

1101 Tenth St., Baldwin City, KS 913-206-0613

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Engineering Roots Creative Branches

1103 10th St, Baldwin City, KS 785-760-7747

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Slavin Flatwork Inc.

1973 North 500 Road, Baldwin City, KS 785-423-7145

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