Community Organizations

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Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop

Best of Lawrence 2017

802 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 785-843-5000

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Social Service League Thrift Store

905 Rhode Island, Lawrence, KS 785-843-5414

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Success Solutions Endeavor Club

PO BOX 3133, Lawrence, KS 785-691-8831


2009 Rhode Island St, Lawrence, KS 785-727-5285

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Sporting Kaw Valley

2518 Ridge Ct, Lawrence, KS 785-749-5872

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Salvation Army Food Pantry

946 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS 785-843-4188

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Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary

946 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS 785-542-1999

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Second Christian Church

1245 Connecticut St, Lawrence, KS 785-843-9405

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Seventh Day Adventist Church

900 Madeline Ln, Lawrence, KS 785-424-4237

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Solidarity Revolutionary Center and Radical Library

13 E 8th Street, Lawrence, KS 785-865-1374

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Southside Church of Christ

1105 W 25th St, Lawrence, KS 785-843-0770

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St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

1229 Vermont Street, Lawrence, KS 785-843-0109

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St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center

1631 Crescent Rd, Lawrence, KS 785-843-0357

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St. Luke AME Church

900 New York St., Lawrence, KS 785-841-0847

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St. Margaret's Episcopal Church

5700 W 6th St, Lawrence, KS 785-865-5777

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St Sophia

846 Illinois St, Lawrence, KS 785-749-9280

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Success By 6 Coalition of Douglas County

2518 Ridge Ct, Lawrence, KS 785-842-8719

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Senior Resource Center for Douglas County

Peaslee Technical Training Center, Lawrence, KS 785-842-0543

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Sunflower Curbside Recycling

PO Box 3986, Lawrence, KS 785-550-8610

Small World Inc.

2415 Clinton Parkway , Lawrence, KS 785-841-3645

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