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Westridge Wash & Lube

Rating: 5

Ariele Erwine Westridge Wash & Lube

Always no-nonsense. Great price for fast service. Never had a bad experience here...

Rating: 5

RDE87 Westridge Wash & Lube

I had to write a review so the negative one didn't show up first. I have been going here for years and always experienced excellent and honest customer service with a quick turn around time. When I had my old car it burned oil like crazy and they offered a free top off in between my scheduled oil changes. This place is great and it's locally owned so you're supporting the community by giving it your business!

Rating: 1

leefyrogers Westridge Wash & Lube

Did not have a "professional experience." When I very reasonably addressed an issue the employee just stayed quiet, didn't apologize and refused to give me my money back. Is it really going to kill you to give good service or at least descent service? He just stayed quiet over the phone after i was finished speaking and if you're going to talk to your boss about a customer complaining at least put the phone on mute. I'm never coming back here again simply because they didn't want to refund me $6 for a wash after spending $80 on my first visit for a FS oil change. Only spent $55 for a FS at Walmart on Iowa... great price, oil and service. And by the way, what separates a good running business from a bad one is how the unsatisfied customers are handled not the happy ones.

Rating: 3

Lawrence_Resident_ Westridge Wash & Lube

Good service and fast. A bit pricey though.

Rating: 5

Lauren Reinhold Westridge Wash & Lube

Thumbs up in the past, but I pulled up at 4 as it was closing today (Saturday). Please change the time on this listing!!!!!!!

Rating: 5

Brian Iverson Westridge Wash & Lube

This place is awesome! The only place I go now.