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Rating: 5

kainvinosec Smarty Cakes

Wicked delicious and highly recommended! I was lucky enough to receive some of these cupcakes for my birthday this month. They had amazing frosting, a very cool superman shield design, and the insides of them were like eating a rainbow. They were delivered in a very professional manner and the overall taste was absolutely spectacular. They had some fondant on them, which usually the taste of fondant is either very weird or way too sweet but the fondant here was actually perfect and really quite enjoyable! I definitely support the 5-Star rating I'm giving and encourage anyone to give this business a shot. You will NOT regret it.

Rating: 5

Gardenchic Smarty Cakes

Most Beautiful and Best Cake Ever

Smarty Cakes made my birthday cake and it was amazing. The decorating was imaginative and fun, it fit me perfectly. It was the best red velvet I have ever tasted, and that is my favorite. We fought over every last crumb! I have tasted other varieties of Smarty Cakes, cupcakes and all have tasted superb and been designed impeccably. I will order all of my cake and cupcake needs from Smarty Cakes from here forward. The price is right and the product is spectacular!

Rating: 5

Peter Steimle Smarty Cakes

Gorgeous & Delicious!! I never gave cupcakes more than a passing thought until I ran into SmartyCakes. They looked artistic and intriguing, and then I tasted one! Mmmmmm, OH! OH! Love the lemon, and those red...what's that red cake with the cream cheese frosting called? And the chocolate with the cool little fried Mexican cinnamon thingy on top!! Amazing!! Cupcakes are not cute little things any more! No, they are SERIOUSLY DELIGHTFUL!

Rating: 5

sajomc Smarty Cakes

Smarty Cakes made a fantastic sympathy cake for my grandfather's funeral. The cake was beautiful; Grandpa definitely would have loved it. The cake required a lot of intricate details (it looked like a Bible), but Smarty Cakes put in a lot of effort to make it look exactly like a real Bible. Most importantly importantly of all, it was delicious. Even though it was a large cake, we didn't have any leftovers. Thanks Smarty Cakes!

Rating: 5

Renee Sanford Smarty Cakes

Amazing Customer Service & Phenomenal Attention to Detail

Smarty Cakes makes the most delicious cupcakes I've had in a very long time. I've tried 4 different kinds and each one was better than the ones before. The owner is kind, courteous & super easy to work with to get just the right flavor, filling, icing & presentation! She's doing our wedding cupcakes! Smarty Cakes also has the most reasonable pricing out there and we've definitely done our homework! Smarty Cakes is the way to go!

Side note: The owner's son is probably the cutest kid ever...Just sayin!