Rainbow Works, LLC 785-842-6618

1941 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66046 Opens Monday at 9 a.m.

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  • Phone: 785-842-6618
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Rating: 1

Yarg Rainbow Works, LLC

I have never personally rented from Serina Hearn but I did work for her on a couple of different occasions and can tell you from first hand experience that she absolutely steals from her tenants, she is the absolute WORST landlord (or as I like to refer to her “Slumlord”) and there is definitely some sketchy business activity going on. I had worked for her on a few occasions cleaning houses one summer during turn over and was never compensated. I then later, stupidly I’ll admit, worked at the B&B that she currently owns (The Runaway Pony) simply for room and bored. When she need extra help with work on rental properties outside of the B&B I agreed to help, she then continued to put off paying me for the extra work for weeks and weeks until one day she sent me a “bill” for my stay at the B&B simply so that she could avoid paying me. I left and have never returned and would advise ANYONE against doing any kind of business with this con artist. Ask around, there is not an electrician or private contractor in town who will work with her because they’ve all had to take her to court simply to get her to pay her bill.