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Pearson Collision Repair

Rating: 5

Kathi Firns-Hubert Pearson Collision Repair

We've been using Pearson's for over 25 years. Considering those years included 4 teenage drivers and a daughter living in crazy coyote country, we've had lots of experience. First introduced to them by our insurance rep who would only recommend 2 places in town, we chose Pearson's because it was closer. Everything they've done for us has been completed quickly and impeccably. Not only are Mike & family great to work with, they are masters at saving you money when possible and utterly & completely honest. They are also great at working with other insurance companies for you, should the need arise!

Rating: 1

techtlcb Pearson Collision Repair

Did ok body work but very difficult to work with. Disorganized and when problems arise from this they blame the customer. The air conditioner worked when the car was brought in but not when picked up. Also rude and abrasive. I would spend my money elsewhere.

Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Pearson Collision Repair

Great people. Made the process of getting my front bumper fixed (after hitting a shredded semi-truck tire on a highway) easy. Did all the communication with insurance, kept me posted on the repairs. Highly recommended!