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PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

Rating: 5

slc PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

They were $60.00 cheaper than the other company I called, showed up the very next morning, and had great attitudes! This is your go to moving company!

Rating: 5

Dream63 PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

These guys were GREAT! On time, professional, friendly, trust-worthy ... just a good group of guys who worked well together and seemed to really enjoy and take seriously what they do. I have had terrible experiences with moving, including theft, damage, and generally poor, poor organization, scheduling, etc. Fortunately, for the first time in a total of five moves, this move went flawlessly.

I also had a piano to move down a flight of stairs. The (previoius) movers who moved it in muscled it all the way up with one guy who may have known what he was doing, and a bunch of skinny kids he was directing. It was nerve-racking watching that fiasco. PDS Moving used an electric dolly-like mover for the piano to take it down the stairs, so it was padded, then strapped securely. The dolly just walked it down the stairs; there was no tugging, lugging, and wobbling.

Suffice it to say, these guys know what they're doing. Honestly, don't waste your time trying to find a better mover in Lawrence. I don't think anyone can beat PDS Moving for service and price. I am a 100% satisfied customer and will recommend them without hesitation for anyone planning on moving.

pdslawrence replies...

WOW. This is very nice. Thank you so much!

Rating: 5

Crystal Patterson PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

This was the easiest move I have ever had, movers were on time, friendly, efficient and finished the job in less time than I expected. They also took apart and put back together a difficult piece of furniture. Definitely would recommend for any moving and I will definitely be using them in the future for any moving needs.

Rating: 5

mommykay PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

Chess and Tom spent two hours delivering my very large refrigerator and installing it. They were very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Rating: 5

MrLe PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

Super service! Would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Rating: 5

gokiko PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

Professional and courteous! Cheapest delivery and moving service in Lawrence – by far!!