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Events / Red, black & GREEN: a blues


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Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

red, black & GREEN: a blues is a visceral, interactive and moving work that employs spoken-word poetry, storytelling, music, dance and movement to bring the stories and voices of black America into the center of a conversation about race, class, culture and the environment.

In performances ranging from deeply sad to hilariously funny, new and inspiring definitions of sustainability emerge from tales of survival and the complex beauty and struggle of human interdependence. We visit four seasons and four cities in a quest to understand the challenges of "browning the green movement." The four cast members lead us through urban realities as they unfold in shotgun houses, subway cars, park benches and father-son conversations. This poignant line from the script sums up the issues explored in the production:

"I ask a mother about environment, and she tells me of guns, of emotionally disabled boys whose green movement consists of recycling the sorry narrative of black-on-black crime."

Adult $21-$24 Student & Youth $11-$12