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Kaw Valley Industrial/Kawasaki

Rating: 1

jdog2323 Kaw Valley Industrial/Kawasaki

shady group of guys. called and asked if they buy bikes they said yes and so i brought it up there and they said they would buy it i just had to wait to get the title in the mail. so i brought it back up there when i got it in the mail a couple days later and they said they Don't buy bikes. so i called up there the next day to speak with the guy i originally spoke with who said they would buy and it he flat out lied and said he never said he would buy it. lol so even if they have the deal of the century they will never get my business. wouldn't recommend them to anybody. Little to no moral or ethical standards at that place. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED

Rating: 3

Ben Spaulding Kaw Valley Industrial/Kawasaki

I looked at their website to see their rates and found that my self-propelled walk-behind would cost $54.40 to be serviced. I called and they confirmed that price. I dropped off the mower and asked what it would cost out-the-door. They told me a little over $60. They were speedy getting it serviced, which was nice.

When I returned later to pick it up the bill was just shy of $90. I informed them that I had been quoted far less and that was what I wanted to pay. One employee simply said, “We have raised our rates.” I again informed him that I had been quoted around $60, and that the website agreed with that. He said “Oh, we need to take that down. Nobody goes by the website.” Best he would do is drop $10 off the total.

Their work seems good, they are quick, and most of the employees are very friendly. But if you are quoted a price before service, you’ll want to get it in writing. That would have saved me some money.