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Rating: 3

Ben Spaulding Kaw Valley Industrial/Kawasaki

I looked at their website to see their rates and found that my self-propelled walk-behind would cost $54.40 to be serviced. I called and they confirmed that price. I dropped off the mower and asked what it would cost out-the-door. They told me a little over $60. They were speedy getting it serviced, which was nice.

When I returned later to pick it up the bill was just shy of $90. I informed them that I had been quoted far less and that was what I wanted to pay. One employee simply said, “We have raised our rates.” I again informed him that I had been quoted around $60, and that the website agreed with that. He said “Oh, we need to take that down. Nobody goes by the website.” Best he would do is drop $10 off the total.

Their work seems good, they are quick, and most of the employees are very friendly. But if you are quoted a price before service, you’ll want to get it in writing. That would have saved me some money.