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What We Do / 1997-20xx Caring for the Kaw Eco-Challenge


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1997-20xx Caring for the Kaw Eco-Challenge

USEPA Region 7 ... The Kansas (Kaw) River watershed is one of the most vital, heavily populated, and environmentally threatened ecosystems in the State of Kansas.

Run-off of herbicides from farmland, fecal coliform bacteria from livestock operations and municipal wastewater treatment plants, and sand from dredging operations present the greatest threats to the river's ecology, water quality and sustainable wellbeing.

Kerry Wedel sent out the following announcement that KDHE will be receiving funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (i.e. Stimulus Bill) through the Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund for ‘Green’ projects.

This will encompass a variety of urban and rural ‘green infrastructure’ and ‘environmentally innovative’ management practices. We are working with the Municipal Programs Section at KDHE on setting up a process for soliciting, selecting and funding eligible green projects. Information will be posted on the KDHE website.

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