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K.S.R. Roofing

Rating: 5

rumyz K.S.R. Roofing

We had hail damage and a subsequent roof leak, I spoke with several companies but after speaking with Aaron at KSR it was clear THIS IS THE ONE! Amazing customer service in every way: quick response, easy to understand, helped us navigate our first ever insurance claim, excellent management/oversight of the roofing crew, quality work, and a final bill that exactly reflected the initial bid. Every person I dealt with (office, management, roof crew, gutter crew) was friendly and professional, but beyond that, they all made me feel well taken care of. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

Rating: 5

jrod712 K.S.R. Roofing

Called KSR on Monday and spoke with Beth. Later that day Aaron went by my house and called me to discuss options for replacing my old gutters with all new seamless gutters and screen covers and a roof repair that I needed. Fast forward to Thursday (today) and I received a voicemail while I was at work from Dustin thanking me for my business. I get home from work and inspect an amazing job. I'm not a review writer but I felt I had to give these guys props for what they did. These days you don't expect service like this. I highly recommend KSR. I don't see myself calling anyone else after today.

Rating: 5

mingo88 K.S.R. Roofing

We called Aaron on a Thursday after discovering a couple of leaks in our roof. Forecast called for a rainy weekend. Not only did he shuffle his schedule to ensure he could get to us ASAP, he sent a crew over to tarp our roof the very next morning. As soon as the rain broke, they got our new roof installed. It looks great, and they cleaned up before we even got home from work. Aaron came by that evening to walk through everything with us and see if we had any questions. Would recommend KSR to anyone who asks.

Rating: 5

Matt Wenske K.S.R. Roofing

I was truly impressed with the professionalism and politeness of KSR. Made me feel more like a friend or family then a customer. They went above and beyond my expectations, the roof looks great, it was done in a timely and thorough fashion. Other then having a new roof i couldn't tell they had been there, the clean up was fantastic and you could tell they respected my home while they were there. I can honestly say i would recommend them to anyone and i do every chance i get. Thank you KSR for a great experience! I will definitely use KSR roofing again!

Rating: 5

rcrum K.S.R. Roofing

Aaron and his crew did a fantastic job! Aaron was friendly, responsive, and reasonably priced. The crew did the work of replacing my roof and gutters on schedule and without mess. I would gladly recommend KSR to anyone who has roofing needs.

Rating: 5

gggab K.S.R. Roofing

KSR Roofing is a great company. I love my new roof. They are professionals. They were so particular and tidy about everything. They were on time and on schedule. The work ethic is remarkable. This courteous and dependable crew earned my trust and I recommend KSR Roofing to a friend, family member, neighbor .

Rating: 5

RockChalk30 K.S.R. Roofing

Aaron and his crew did a great job on replacing our roof. We had 20 year old cedar shakes that were past their prime with a couple of small leaks beginning to show up. KSR was recommended by a friend and he was able to squeeze us into the schedule in under a week. Tear off and replacement only took 2 days and the guys did a good job of cleaning up afterwards. The replacement shingles are high quality and total installation was priced very competitively, would recommend them to anyone.

Rating: 5

Chelsi Reed K.S.R. Roofing

The guys at KSR roofing did a Phenomenal job on my roof. It was a doozy of a job and they did everything in a quick, efficient, and reliable way. My roof had 5 layers! Yes that's right! Some moron just kept piling on the roofs! These guys came in a had it down to the base of the roof in one day! 5 layers removed in one day is just down right crazy amazing! New roof and guttering done early the next day! My yard is clean and my roof and gutters look absolutely amazing! These guys know their stuff! Highly recommend them if you are in need of any roof work!

Rating: 5

adrianelliott K.S.R. Roofing

We had our roof done in july. The workers came in the afternoon on the 2nd and were done by 1pm the next day! Aaron came over when the job began and when the job was done to check around the yard for any nails or damage to the property. There was no damage. We have had a lot of compliments from the neighbors and our friends. I liked that Aaron was honest about his prices and he was the only roofing place that offered the synthetic rather than felt moisture barrier, which will last a long time.

Rating: 5

mikehut K.S.R. Roofing

6 families in our neighborhood had our roofs replaced by KSR roofing. Over the course of 2 weeks, our neighborhood transformed from dingy looking 20 year shake shingles to great looking composite shingles. Aaron's crew cleaned up every day. I still haven't found a stray nail. Highly recommended and you won't find a better price.

Great Job!!

Rating: 5

Heidi Stein K.S.R. Roofing

KSR Roofing did a great job on my roof! Aaron was able to schedule the work the following week and it was completed in just one day! The crew was extremely professional. They cleaned the gutters, picked up all the debris including nails. The property was cleaner when they left than when they arrived! Excellent customer service. This is the best home improvement experience I have ever had! I just cannot thank you enough.

Rating: 5

rlew4 K.S.R. Roofing

KSR Roofing recently completely replaced our cedar shake roof. The entire process exceeded our expectations. We had originally planned to have our roof replaced by the company that had been repairing it for several years, but thought it was prudent to get an additional quote. Lucky for us, we did. Based on a second hand verbal recommendation we contacted Aaron. His immediate response, knowledge, thoroughness and enthusiasm were as compelling as was his reasonable pricing. Aaron made sure we had looked at all of the alternatives and understood the advantages and disadvantages of each before we settled on our original plan-replace the roof with cedar shakes. The workmanship was great. The crew started and finished the job on time as promised. The clean up each day was excellent. Aaron was always available throughout the process for questions or decisions that had to be made. Our roof looks fantastic! We recommend Aaron and KSR roofing to anyone who needs roof repair or replacement.

Rating: 5

Ivo Ivanov K.S.R. Roofing

This is one of those rare occasions that makes me regret the absence of a ten star ranking system. Five stars are simply not enough to express how exceptional this company is. In our day and age of diminishing expectations, KSR Roofing is a throwback to those blissful times when the customer was always right and contractors approached their jobs with the care and professionalism of a medical doctor. Our roof was as challenging as they come and among other issues featured squirrel damage so severe that it could have compromised the structural integrity of the home. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, KSR and specifically Aaron went out of their way to help us immediately. We were not only presented with the best imaginable quote but were even given a wide variety of options, colors and materials (and incredibly, they all fit within our modest budget)! I can not imagine a more professional, efficient and dedicated crew. The challenging job was completed in just over a day. The roof looks fantastic, all the damage was repaired, and we don't have to worry about it for at least 30 more years. Perched on a high, sharply sloping surface, the roofers worked with surreal precision, coordination and discipline. If they were a basketball team, they would be in the Final Four every year and Aaron would be in the coaching hall of fame! Furthermore, dealing with the company as a customer is a pleasure. How often do you see a business that treats you like a member of their family?! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the price was beyond reasonable. I'd say that Aaron and KSR have expectations of their services that will always exceed the expectations of the customer…and that's very, very rare. Aaron, thank you on behalf of my entire family! I regret that I can not do something more for this outstanding business. Five stars simply doesn't do it justice and no matter how good my review is, it will never be as good as the roof over my head!

Rating: 5

bullydadd K.S.R. Roofing

I am very happy with my new roof from KSR. Aaron was very honest about repair vs replacement and his crew did and excellent job. His bid was very reasonable and i felt he was immediately available during the whole process. I highly recommend KSR.

Rating: 5

hammond K.S.R. Roofing

KSR did a fantastic job on our roof! Aaron gave us the best estimate, and despite some issues he hadn't planned on, he completed the job without changing the price. Aaron was able to fit us in to his busy schedule and completed the work in a couple of days. The workers are professional and I couldn't be happier with our new roof!

Rating: 5

Rockchalklady7 K.S.R. Roofing

We had an excellent experience working Aaron and KSR Roofers. They gave us the best quote and completed the job within two days. Our roof looks excellent. They did leave some debris but they came by right after we noticed it to clean it up. Aaron was quick to answer any questions I had throughout the whole process from initial quote to paying for the completed roof. He even checked in with us after the first rainfall to see how the roof was doing! We couldn't be happier!

Rating: 5

justmesally99 K.S.R. Roofing

We recently had our cedar shake roof replaced with 50 year composite and KSR did an excellent job! Aaron Brooks the owner came and visited with us twice with a bid and to discuss our options and show us samples, etc. He gave us the best customer service and most competitive bid. We needed him to replace the roof in a tight timeframe due to other construction projects and he was very accommodating. The roof looks incredible and we are so happy we got it done. They did a great job!

Rating: 5

Randy Erickson K.S.R. Roofing

We knew we needed a new roof on our house and outbuilding, and we had been saving money for awhile when we took bids in 2012. The cost at that time was more than we could afford, so we crossed our fingers and kept saving money all winter. This summer (2013) we called KSR with last year’s bid in hand, and Aaron, the new owner, visited us. He offered to honor the 2012 bid, even though there were costs he had to absorb in order to do that. When the new gutters went up without gutter covers, Aaron explained that covers had not been in the 2012 bid. This was, however, the discussion at the time KSR’s previous owner submitted the bid, so Aaron covered the gutters and absorbed that cost, too.

The KSR crew did the whole job in two days, including excellent clean-up. Aaron called and came to our house several times during that two days’ time: to supervise, check on progress and on the quality of the job. We then did a walk-through together after all was complete to be sure of our satisfaction and to point out the modernized vents and other quality features that are standard for a KSR roof. For Aaron Brooks, the absolute bottom line is a job done right and a satisfied customer. We could not be more pleased, and we heartily recommend KSR Roofing.

Rating: 5

bosst K.S.R. Roofing

I recently purchased a house and had a 60 day timeframe to install a new roof for insurance purposes. I had gotten 3 quotes and Aaron with KSR beat all the quotes by approx. $100, but the amazing part was that he took the time to bring me a book with roofing options. He stayed in contact and answered all of my questions thoroughly. When it came time he installed quickly despite 100 degree Plus weather. His crew was courteous and quick cleanup. The 3 tab shingles and color now makes my house look 100% better off the curb. Thank You Aaron!

Rating: 5

ecm5119 K.S.R. Roofing

I would highly recommend using KSR for your roofing needs. We needed a roof replaced with short notice due to a pending contract on our home. Aaron was great. He bid the job quickly and despite being booked out several weeks was able to get our job finished up prior to closing. The cost was reasonable and comparable to other local companies as well. The new roof looks great and the clean up was impeccable. We will be using KSR again.

Rating: 5

shayzee K.S.R. Roofing

I recently purchased a home that needed a roof prior to closing which was in 30 days. Aaron was so incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, from helping me choose the best roof for my house to keeping me updated on the progress. They tore off the existing shingles, added vents, and replaced the roof with plenty of time to spare. After they had finished, they cleaned up so well you couldn't even tell anyone had been there. I would highly recommend KSR to anyone looking to replace or repair their roof!

Rating: 5

thediesel K.S.R. Roofing

I was given KSR Roofing's name from my Lawrence realtor. I live across the country now and had my house under contract for sale but it needed a new roof for the sale to be finalized and I only had 10 days to get it done or the sale would fall through. I called KSR, they gave me an awesome estimate within 2 hours, and got me set up to remove the old roof, add additional venting needed, and replace the roof with shingles that matched the duplex neighbors shingles. They were unbelievably friendly, they kept me informed by text, they sent picture texts as well, they were fast, and they did a great job making sure the entire area was cleaned up. My son tells me the roof looks amazing and they got it finished with 3 days to spare! BUT....even with all that......there's more......I also needed a plumber, and had no clue who to call in the area. They knew someone who was trustworthy, called them, oversaw the repairs for me, and made sure that the price I paid was fair. If that isn't a full service roofer, I don't know who would be. Thanks Again KSR!!!!

Rating: 5

DorothyHoytReed K.S.R. Roofing

KSR has just finished a roof for us and it has turned out really well. It ended up being a bigger job than they realized. The previous owners had just kept adding shingles. In some places there were 5 layers! They tore off everything and gave us a nice, new roof. The new owner of the company is great and very helpful. He even gets up on the roof and works with his crew. When they had to move some electric wires to finish the roof, and Westar turned off our electricity, because they considered it unsafe, he got an electrician friend of his to come out on a Sat. and fix it, so we would have electricity. I can't say anything about the future of the roof, but the initial job has been great.

Rating: 4

mjdwcd K.S.R. Roofing

I called KSR for an estimate and Aaron came out later the same day to work it up for us. Our deadline for completing the re-roof was very tight, so I also had Garrison come out to estimate. The two bids were close; we felt either company would do a good job. We went with KSR, and we are pleased with the appearance of the roof - hopefully it will last a long time. His crew cleaned everything up around the house and I don't think we found one nail; they put all of the gutter guards back in place, too. Thank you for helping us, KSR.

Rating: 5

rudyliftsheavy K.S.R. Roofing

KSR has taken great care of my roof! Aaron and his crew have done an exceptional job! KSR was the first company to get back to me and by far gave me the best estimate. I was able to replace my entire roof, some decking, and they added more vents all for what the insurance company gave me to replace only half of the roof on the house (not the garage). I would absolutely recommend KSR to anyone for their roofing needs, in fact I was referred to them by a commercial roofer in the area.

Rating: 5

gwendoline K.S.R. Roofing

After a very bad experience with another roofer (McLaughlin Roofing) we chose KSR under the new management of Aaron Brooks to work with our structural engineers to repair the damage. We couldn't have been happier with the expertise and enthusiasm Aaron and his crew brought to our home. Their work was impeccable from start to finish. Beware of roofing companies who offer bonus incentives to crews who then finish the job too quickly. In haste, big mistakes are made. This is not the case with KSR. Aaron's crew works hard but with consistent precision. We rest easy knowing this time the job was done right and highly recommend KSR to anyone who needs roofing services.

Rating: 5

rgrabill K.S.R. Roofing

What a fantastic experience! I am not sure about others previous experiences, but since the new ownership of KSR they are doing a excellent job. Aaron from KSR was so informative and detailed about how the job would be done. They were very competitive with the other bids we received. I chose KSR due to the customer service, the detailed explanation of what was needed and how they said they would complete the job from top to bottom. None of the other roofing companies explained and showed me the barren area that was of urgent concern that could cause leaks with the heavy rains to come the following week. He fit us in their busy schedule just to repair it for us before the rainstorm. We have a wood roof that is 15 yrs old. Many companies said they could or couldn't do repairs and some were trying to sell us a new roof. Without me telling KSR about the others, he stated right off that I could do repairs and I should not need a new roof for at least 3-5 yrs. He stated if someone had suggested I needed a new roof, they were just trying to sell me something that I did not need at this point. They were honest, efficient, detailed and had great customer service...guaranteed the work too! This was the best experience I have ever had with a roofing company!

Rating: 5

BobTheAlien K.S.R. Roofing

We had the roof of our house done this spring (2013) by KSR Roofing. Being a first time homeowner, I was worried about getting ripped off, either by price or poor quality of work. Aaron from KSR Roofing and the office staff really helped to alleviate those concerns by their professionalism and "small town feel". They answered any questions I had and educated me on things to look for, what was wrong with the roof, what they are going to do to make it better than before, etc.

They were priced around the same as bids from other roofers we had, but it was the customer service that made them our first choice. I am glad that we did that and I will recommend KSR Roofing to everyone I know when the time comes for them to get a new roof.

Rating: 5

Mike Willoughby K.S.R. Roofing

KSR roofing did a great job on our roof last month! The bid was very competitive and they were able to schedule the work quickly and were done in two days. The crew was polite, efficient and tidy. They took care not to mess up any of our landscaping or planting beds and they kept the jobsite very clean. Mike himself came back to install the solar fan vents that I wanted. Overall our experience was great and pleasant! Would highly recommend!

Rating: 1

dtomatoe K.S.R. Roofing

I have had a very mixed experience with KSR and cannot recommend them. They put on a roof but left parts of the gutter guard off. The roof leaked multiple times. After repeated calls I had another roofer look at it. The photos clearly show parts were not put on with the new roof. I called the owner and have the photos still. Never agreed to take any responsiblity for the missing parts of the roof. Of course I had to have the ceiling fixed as well. Now a home inspector has indicated that the shingle company specification calls for roof vents. When the new roof was put on and bid for that was never recommended. Again a call to the company and again a statement of no responsibility. Small claims court it is with the photos and documentation. How sad to see this type of service.

Jeff Cuttell replies...

Just informing readers that this business is under new ownership as of 2013. He bought the business from the retiring former owner.

Rating: 5

Norman John K.S.R. Roofing

KSR Roofing has replaced three roofs for my family. Our experience was excellent. I am an insurance agent and have referred KSR to my clients with confidence. I highly recommend KSR Roofing for all your roofing needs, whether it be repair or replacing a roof.

Rating: 5

asabe K.S.R. Roofing

KSR Roofing exhibits phenomenal customer service to all of its clients. Customer satisfaction has always been and still is their motto. KSR signs all over town speaks to its success of being the #1 most recommended roofing company in town. Mike believes in giving back to the community in which he lives in. He supported Douglas County Senior Services at their annual fundraiser and stepped up to the plate when Leadership Lawrence Development Committee were in need of material sponsors. I have used KSR roofing and recommend it to all my friends, family, co-workers and clientele; simply because they do what they say they are going to do and that equals CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Thank you KSR for a job well done!

Rating: 5

Marty Henderson K.S.R. Roofing

KSR Roofing has always taken care of my roofing needs... it is no accident that you see their signs in yards all over town. When my clients ask me to recommend a roofing company they implicitly trust me... they just call who I recommend and tell them to handle it. I know KSR will do the job right.