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Rating: 1

Lee2013 Discover Dental Care

Very Shady. I brush twice a day and floss every day but despite giving up sugar entirely they still found something to work on every 6 months. One time they said I needed three cavities filled but when they went to do the work, they couldn't find two of them. My friend went there and they told him he had periodontal disease. He got a second opinion that said they were full of it. I've been with a new dentist for 2 years and still get spammed by these people that I'm late to book an appointment. I've keep asking them to quit spamming me and they don't listen so I'm writing this review.

Rating: 5

JenniferCastaneda Discover Dental Care

Dr. Castaneda and his staff solved a gum problem that had been diagnosed as a chronic, ongoing condition. Previous dentists and hygienists have recommended mouthwashes, treatment for gum disease, and a topical medication used for lic implants, but my gums remained red and inflamed. After Dr. Castaneda's use of the laser on my gums and his recommendation to use Closys as a mouth rinse, my gums are nice, healthy, pink color for the first time in over 10 years!

Connie Smith Shawnee, Kansas

Wildcat06 replies...

Completely agree with Lee2013. Shady is right on. That's wierd that Connie Smith's username is JenniferCastaneda. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence...