Documents 2009

Documents for January 2009

Kansas Senate Bill 12
January 29, 2009
This proposed bill would require insurance companies to cover the diagnostic evaluation and treatment for autism disorders.
Agreement regarding the University of Kansas Cancer Center
January 27, 2009
Kansas University and Kansas State University have come to an agreement about a collaboration in order to gain a National Cancer Institute designation for KUCC.
Page 1
January 25, 2009
Page 1 of the Journal-World's 2009 spring arts calendar
Page 3
January 25, 2009
Page 3 of the Journal-World's 2009 spring arts calendar.
Page 2
January 25, 2009
Page 2 of the Journal World's 2009 spring arts calendar.
Federal stimulus package project list
January 21, 2009
This document lists where stimulus money for higher education would go in Kansas.
Letter from the Kansas Board of Regents
January 21, 2009
A letter from the Kansas Board of Regents to the Kansas Congressional Delegation regarding the federal economic stimulus package.
Journal-World Inauguration Day Commemorative Poster
January 20, 2009
The Journal-World is wrapping its Jan. 20, 2009, edition in a commemorative poster acknowledging the inauguration of Barack Obama, the nation's 44th president.
School Fields Settlement Agreement
January 15, 2009
The Lawrence school board voted early Thursday night to settle a lawsuit with neighbors near Lawrence High School to build additional athletics fields near the school.
Expenditure reports for city commission candidates
January 13, 2009
The campaign finance reports reports filed by each candidate for city commission.
Kansas Marathon route
January 12, 2009
The proposed routes for a long-distance race that will be ran on April 19.
Temporary release order for Candice Amyx
January 8, 2009
A copy of the papers granting a furlough for jail inmate Candice Amyx to spend Christmas with her family.
2008 Migration Data
January 6, 2009
A list of inbound and outbound moves during 2008 by state.
Migration history UVL
January 6, 2009
Historical data from United Van Lines' "migration" studies, 1977-2007, by state.