Documents 2008

Documents for January 2008

House Bill No. 2177
January 31, 2008
AN ACT concerning certain automated telephone calls; pertaining to the use of automated telephone calls for political purposes; amending K.S.A. 50-670 and repealing the existing section.
Fiscal Note for HB 2177
January 31, 2008
In accordance with KSA 75-3715a, the following fiscal note concerning HB 2177 is respectfully submitted to your committee.
Senate Bill No. 515
January 31, 2008
AN ACT concerning the environment; relating to conservation and electric generation, transmission and efficiency and air emissions; amending K.S.A. 65-3008b, 65-3012 and 66-104d and K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 65-3005, 65-3008a and 66-1,184 and repealing the existing sections.
Health Care Access' grant application
January 26, 2008
The Health Care Access Clinic Expansion project will use community collaborations and partnerships to facilitate the renovation, expansion, or relocation of clinic facilities to increase the number of appointments available while decreasing wait times. The expansion will focus on the creation of spaces used to serve and educate patients, volunteers and staff.
Douglas County Sheriff's Office: Electro-Muscular Disruption (Taser) Policy
January 21, 2008
Douglas County Sheriff's Office: Electro-Muscular Disruption (Taser) Policy
Senate Bill No. 971
January 18, 2008
View Senate Bill No. 971 in which the state of Missouri selects the Kansas Jayhawk for the official game bird of the state of Missouri.
Statement of Substantial Interest
January 17, 2008
Read the Statement of Substantial Interest for Local Office form for Mayor Sue Hack, dated November 15, 2007.
Complaint filed by Leaf Funding Inc.
January 15, 2008
See a complaint filed by Leaf Funding Inc. in U.S. District Court against Custom Highline, Custom Wholesale and its owners regarding equipment leased to the Lawrence auto businesses located at 1527 W. Sixth St.
David Rueschhoff's response
January 15, 2008
David Rueschhoff, co-owner of Custom Highline and Custom Highline Wholesale, filed this response last week in U.S. District Court, denying that he and co-owner Zarif Haque owe $103,990 to Leaf.
Radon ordinance
January 14, 2008
Read new building requirements regarding radon for the city of Lawrence
Search Warrant
January 8, 2008
Search warrant issued against the Lawrence Journal-World.
Southeast Area Plan draft
January 8, 2008
The development of a Southeast Area Plan began in 1997. The primary issues at that time were: timing of development (land uses), connectivity of the major street network, the location and timing of the eastern leg of the South Lawrence Trafficway/K-10 Highway (SLT/K-10 Highway), and the timing of city sanitary sewer and water lines to the planning area. Meetings were held with the area property owners to gather their input. Planning staff created a draft land use map for the planning area on August 13, 1997, it was presented to the Planning Commission, and a plan and a summary of the process followed.
Polling Results Re: Proposed Sunflower (Holcomb) Plants
January 3, 2008
On November 19-20, Cooper & Secrest Associates conducted a statewide survey of 1,007 likely Kansas voters, including a significant oversample (n=400) of 1. C. D. voters, on behalf of The Land Institute. The survey focused primarily on energy issues facing Kansas.
Eagle Bend Golf Course User Survey
January 2, 2008
A survey was conducted from November 9 to December 3 to elicit feedback on the performance of Eagle Bend Golf Course and Learning Center by its users. The criteria of review matched the Performance Evaluation Measures created last year, as well as other selected areas staff wanted to have evaluated.