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Editorial: KU outreach

A KU program that seeks to pair retiring business owners with potential buyers for their businesses is a nice example of the university providing a direct benefit to the residents of K

K-State Research and Extension pretty much sets the standard for university outreach in Kansas. Just about everyone in the state is aware of the agency’s work in agriculture, horticulture, community development and youth activities.

Editorial: An honored friend

A visit by former Sen. Bob Dole was a reminder of the Kansan’s many accomplishments and a tribute to the legacy he leaves behind.

It may have been called a reception, but it seemed more like a warm, almost emotional reunion of long-time friends who gathered to express their appreciation and admiration for a special friend who had done so much for the state of Kansas and the country.

Editorial: Roundabout rally

The city is looking at a major new commitment to roundabouts on Lawrence streets.

For better or worse, the city of Lawrence seems to be back in the roundabout business. At tonight’s meeting, the Lawrence City Commission will consider a plan to seek federal highway funds to help pay for three projects aimed at improving safety on local streets. All three of the local proposals involve the construction of roundabouts at major intersections.

Editorial: Water strategies

It’s good to see Kansas policy makers working with university experts in an effort to meet the state’s water challenges.

Water is likely to become this nation’s most critical natural resource, and it is good to learn a special task force appointed by Gov. Sam Brownback will be meeting at Kansas University Thursday to discuss a long-term plan for the protection and use of the state’s water resources.

Editorial: Missed message

It didn’t matter whether it was delivered in a tweet or a carefully researched report, the Kansas Board of Regents wasn’t particularly interested in the input of university faculty and staff on

The knee-jerk reaction last week of Kansas Board of Regents members to an alternative policy on social media prepared by a work group made up of faculty and staff representatives from all six regents universities was disappointing.

Saturday Column: Faculty are loyal but concerned about KU’s future

As the 2013-14 school year at Kansas University nears an end, what’s the mood across the campus? Are faculty members excited and enthused about the future — their futures as well as the university’s — or are they worried and concerned?

Editorial: Sponsor dollars

Sponsorships will help pay for the operation of a new city recreation center, but how much advertising should be allowed?

Many details are yet to be decided relative to the city’s new recreation center being built at Rock Chalk Park, and there are likely to be surprises — both good and bad.

Editorial: Relays tradition

The Kansas Relays is primed to reclaim its position as one of the nation’s premiere track and field events.

The Kansas Relays are a signature athletic event for Kansas University and Lawrence. They not only seem to guarantee at least one day of rain on an April weekend in Lawrence but they draw thousands of competitors and spectators to the community.

Editorial: Tax reflex

Local officials seem too quick to look to tax increases as the best way to solve their budget dilemmas.

The front page of Tuesday’s Journal-World didn’t hold any good news for Lawrence taxpayers. Lawrence residents usually are willing to pay their share of taxes for necessary city, county and school projects, but it’s disheartening to see how reflexively local officials jump to the conclusion that increased sales or property taxes are the best answer to about any budget challenge.

Editorial: Worthy coach

It would be great to see former LHS football coach Bill Freeman among this years Kansas Sports Hall of Fame inductees.

Allow us to do a little lobbying for a former Lawrence High School football coach who is more than qualified for admission into the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.