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Editorial: Budget priorities

The top funding priorities of Kansas’ six state universities represent practical efforts that will directly benefit the state.

To their credit, chief executives at Kansas’ six state universities haven’t given up on big ideas.

Editorial: No rubber stamp

Voter approval for a new police headquarters building won’t be automatic.

As Lawrence city commissioners firm up the details for funding a new police headquarters building, they need to understand that voter approval of this project is not a slam dunk.

Editorial: Tallgrass trials

The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve needs some TLC.

The harsh environment of the Kansas prairie has taken a toll on the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City. Hopefully, like the pioneers that settled this area, the preserve will persevere and survive.

Editorial: There’s a limit

The city has limited funding available for social services, so choices must be made.

Even with a 2015 budget that tops $188 million and calls for a property tax increase of nearly 1.9 mills the city of Lawrence can’t afford to do it all.

Editorial: Gun grandstanding

The state law exempting Kansas-made guns from federal regulation raises some interesting legal questions.

A state law that exempts firearms manufactured in Kansas from all federal regulations has drawn a lot of attention recently — from both supporters and critics.

Editorial: Retail realities

Local officials might prefer that it be in a different location, but a proposed development on South Iowa is at an appropriate site and would have many financial benefits for the city.

With a positive recommendation from city-county planners and the absence of any tax incentive requests for their project, developers of a proposed retail center on South Iowa Street will present a package that will be difficult for local officials to reject.

Editorial: Turnhalle future

Lawrence is fortunate to have residents and developers working to save and build on its rich history.

The future of the historic Turnhalle building at Ninth and Rhode Island streets is looking a little brighter.

Editorial: Parade plans

The Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade is looking for a little financial help.

The weather has been a little cooler than usual for July in Kansas, but probably not cool enough to get anyone in a Christmas mood.

Editorial: Enforcement works

Stiffer enforcement is the key first step in curbing violations of the city’s fireworks ban.

Apparently it’s not impossible to enforce Lawrence’s ban on fireworks inside city limits. Ever since the ban went into effect in 2002, Lawrence police have cited the difficulty of catching violators and said trying harder to enforce the ban would draw too many officers away from other, more important, duties on the Fourth of July holiday. Police Chief Tarik Khatib reiterated those same arguments to Lawrence city commissioners earlier this month, but said he would have extra officers on duty on July 4 in an effort to provide stiffer enforcement of the ban. And guess what? It worked.

Editorial: Tax coordination

It may not make a difference, but city, county and school officials should at least make the effort to get together and discuss their combined impact on local taxpayers.

When local taxing units are facing tough financial choices and tax decisions, it becomes even more important for them to work together to try to lessen the impact of those decisions on local taxpayers.