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Editorial: Budget choices

When is a cut not a cut?

On Thursday, Gov. Sam Brownback sent his budget director, Shawn Sullivan, to outline to the news media nearly $63 million in spending reductions for the fiscal year that began on Saturday. Although Sullivan acknowledged that “a couple things you could call pure cuts or reductions” but added, “what we tried to do was minimize the impact on services.”

Editorial: Recycling option

Rural county residents soon will have a more convenient way to drop off recyclable materials.

Congratulations to Douglas County officials for moving forward on plans to provide increased recycling opportunities for rural residents.

Editorial: True facts

Using incomplete or incorrect ‘facts’ to make his points is damaging the credibility of the Kansas governor.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s sloppy — or calculated — misuse of various figures to illustrate his administration’s successes is taking a toll on his credibility.

Editorial: Great gift

It’s great news that every student in Lawrence now will be able to experience the arts through a special school-only Lied Center performance each year.

The expansion of free Lied Center performances to all students in the Lawrence school district is a great gift to the community.

Editorial: Plans clarified

Amendments to a draft plan should help clarify what the city envisions — and doesn’t envision — for the proposed East Ninth arts corridor.

A city advisory group has been working hard to address concerns about the East Ninth Street arts corridor. Hopefully, the revised East Ninth Work Plan Draft that will be considered by Lawrence city commissioners tonight will allow this project to move forward with broader community support.

Editorial: Hub hubbub

Delays in establishing a central transfer hub are hampering efforts to improve the city’s bus service.

Lawrence city commissioners have sent transit officials back to the drawing board on plans for a new transfer hub to serve the city’s T bus system, but without much clear direction about what they are looking for in an alternative plan.

Editorial: KBA demise

Years of partisan politics and failing support from the governor and state legislators may soon kill the once-promising Kansas Bioscience Authority.

It’s sad to see an agency that started with such promise and delivered such benefits for Kansas now facing almost certain death.

Editorial: Boon for Baker

Access to super-fast Internet service will be an attractive selling point for students and faculty at Baker University.

Small colleges like Baker University in Baldwin City offer a number of advantages for some students over larger schools like Kansas University.

Editorial: Teacher loss

A large increase in the number of Kansas teachers leaving the state or the profession doesn’t bode well for the future of K-12 public schools in the state.

A new report on the number of Kansas teachers leaving their jobs should be of huge concern to state officials. The number of teachers retiring or leaving the field has risen dramatically in the last several years, and that loss could have a big impact on the quality of K-12 education in the state.

Editorial: Election integrity

Kansas election officials should welcome a university expert’s audit of voting machine data.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach and election officials in Sedgwick County should welcome an audit that would compare election results reported by voting machines in that county with the paper backup that records each ballot cast on the machines. If these election officials are concerned with protecting the accuracy and integrity of Kansas elections, they should want to know for sure whether the voting machines they are using are accurately recording the votes being cast.