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Editorial: United effort

United Way of Douglas County needs a little holiday help to meet its annual fundraising goal.

The United Way of Douglas County is a worthy target for area residents considering holiday and year-end charitable donations.

Editorial: Too little, too late

An audit of the Rock Chalk Park project might be instructive, but it probably won’t lessen taxpayer concern about how this project was handled.

It may simply be too late for Lawrence city commissioners to ease public concerns about the financial dealings associated with Rock Chalk Park.

Editorial: A Kansas plan

Other states are finding ways to tailor Medicaid expansion programs to meet their individual needs. Kansas should try to do the same.

Officials at two hospitals of special interest to Lawrence are sounding the alarm about the impact the state’s refusal to expand Medicaid is having on their institutions.

Editorial: Crisis situation

Where are people who need inpatient care for serious mental illness supposed to turn when state hospitals turn them away?

State officials have arrived at a plan to stabilize Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for patients at Osawatomie State Hospital. Unfortunately, that plan will create even more problems for community mental health centers across the state.

Editorial: Open process

The governor’s refusal to release the names of potential appointees to the expanded Saline County Commission only feeds the perception that he has something to hide.

Last month, Saline County voters approved by more than a 2-to-1 margin the expansion of their county commission from three members to five, but many of those voters may be surprised — and distressed — by the way the process for filling those two new seats is being handled.

Editorial: Passing the buck?

The Kansas governor seems to be abdicating some of his responsibility for setting realistic budget priorities for the state.

Of course the Kansas Legislature should take a major role in state spending decisions, but that doesn’t relieve the governor from the responsibility of setting his own financial priorities for the state — priorities he is willing to advocate and even fight for.

Editorial: Passing it on

An Illinois couple’s record-setting gift will have a lasting impact on Kansas University students.

When Madison “Al” Self completed his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at Kansas University in 1943, he probably didn’t imagine that he and his wife, Lila, someday would have the desire and ability to make such a significant impact on KU and its future students.

Editorial: Open process

Gov. Sam Brownback should open up his process for appointing members of the Kansas Court of Appeals.

Gov. Sam Brownback said last week that he’s working to fill a vacancy on the Kansas Court of Appeals and plans to announce his choice well ahead of the February deadline set by state law.

Editorial: ‘First steps’

The first round of cuts to the current year’s budget are just a signal of the rocky financial road that lies ahead for Kansas.

There’s no way to cut state spending by $279 million over the next six months without making some waves. On Tuesday, Gov. Sam Brownback announced his plans to address this year’s revenue shortfall. All of the cuts will be painful; some are particularly controversial — even among members of his own party.

Editorial: Final insult

Have Lawrence city officials not been listening to concerns raised by local taxpayers over Rock Chalk Park?

Showing an amazing lack of concern for the many Lawrence residents who are unhappy over the city’s financial dealings on Rock Chalk Park, city commissioners on Tuesday approved payment of the final bill associated with infrastructure costs at the facility.