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Editorial: Taxing food

Kansas should make sure state lawmakers don’t back out of their promise to lower the sales tax rate on groceries.

Sales tax, even more than other taxes, seems to move in only one direction: up. And it just happened again.

Editorial: Safe celebration

Lawrence residents who can’t afford a $200 fine may want to head to a public fireworks display instead of creating their own.

Fireworks are a strong tradition on the Fourth of July, but, at least in the city of Lawrence, celebrants need to leave most of the pyrotechnics to someone else.

Editorial: Too successful?

Public school districts throughout Kansas have done what state lawmakers asked them to do, but the state isn’t holding up its end of the bargain.

The state’s efforts to expand vocational and technical education in Kansas high schools apparently have been a little too successful. Under a program created in 2012, the state provides free tuition for high school students enrolled in certain job training courses at community or technical colleges. When the state’s new secretary of education visited Lawrence last month, he said that, in the last two years, the number of students in those programs has almost doubled. About 5,800 students took advantage of the tuition-free program in 2013, he said, and preliminary numbers for 2015 show the totals slightly above 10,000 students.

Editorial: Voting appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision not to hear a federal voter registration appeal will leave Kansas’ dual voting system intact — for now.

State officials still are pondering how much time and money they will spend fighting recent court decisions that affect Kansas. However, one case has gone as far as it will go in the courts — at least for now.

Editorial: Local preference

A truly outstanding Lawrence arts corridor would include the best work of artists from both Lawrence and elsewhere.

Work by Lawrence artists absolutely should be part of the proposed arts corridor on East Ninth Street.

Editorial: Tax mistake?

The governor and lawmakers who said the 2012 income tax cuts were bad policy should be trying harder to fix their mistake.

It’s a little unsettling to be reminded that even many of those who approved the state income tax cuts that have triggered revenue shortfalls and subsequent tax increases in Kansas knew it was a mistake.

Editorial: Practice run

It’s impossible to predict a disaster, but a group of dedicated local people are trying to make sure they can predict the community’s emergency responses.

When something bad happens in Lawrence, it’s good to know that key people will know what to do.

Editorial: Ill-considered plan

Kansas legislators should eliminate a plan to restrict local property tax increases and decide next year whether such a plan deserves reconsideration.

Rather than just apply a quick fix to an ill-conceived cap on local property taxes, Kansas legislators have another, better option: Eliminate the measure and decide next year whether to put the cap through the full deliberative process that such a law deserves.

Editorial: Patrol needs

Putting more Kansas Highway Patrol troopers on Kansas roads is a public safety priority for the state.

When asked recently what his spending priorities would be if state revenues exceed projections, Gov. Sam Brownback listed three areas: state hospitals, the prison system and the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Editorial: Priority access

A few exceptions may be acceptable, but city officials must provide maximum public access to the facilities at the city’s new recreation center.

Maximizing public access to facilities at the new Sports Pavilion Lawrence must be a top priority. It’s great for the city to attract revenue-producing tournaments and camps to the facility, but officials also have an obligation to make sure the new recreation center serves local residents — the taxpayers who are paying for it.