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Editorial: Short memory on tax cuts

The state has a lot of fiscal issues to address before anyone starts talking about reducing taxes.

Editorial: Kobach's losing streak continues

Despite name recognition, it seems unlikely that Kansans will reward Kobach for his many missteps.

Editorial: A yes vote on Proposition 1

The county needs an expanded jail and it will also benefit greatly from a mental health crisis center.

Views From Kansas: Wagle failing to lead in Senate

The worst has come from Senate President Susan Wagle, a Wichita ultraconservative who fights mightily for Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Chamber and like organizations supported by the billionaire Koch brothers.

Editorial: Increase needed in pool fees

The city was wise to hike user fees and should consider doing so at additional recreation facilities.

Editorial: Good policy vs. bad politics

It’s wrong and unnecessary to connect important telemedicine legislation to the abortion debate.

Editorial: Fixing trash billing errors

The city has been undercharging for trash collection, but it now deserves credit for transparency.

As frustrating as it is to consider the volume of lost revenue, it is good that the city continues to identify instances in which it is undercharging for services so that it can correct them.

Editorial: KU leaders failing to lead

The university should show Adidas the door and thoroughly review how it became a ‘victim’ in a college basketball scandal.

The University of Kansas’ response thus far to a federal indictment alleging that families of top recruits received illegal payments from Adidas to play basketball for KU is woefully lacking.

Views From Kansas: Raids on poor won’t pay off

The crusade to ruin the nutrition safety net may appeal to folks on the far right, but as with their many shortsighted initiatives, it stands to do more harm than good.

Editorial: Botching school funding

On a critically important matter, continued sloppy lawmaking will have dire consequences.