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Editorial: NCAA process

The NCAA finally has cleared a KU basketball player but not without raising questions about its own competence.

On Tuesday night, Cheick Diallo likely will play in his first Kansas University basketball game. No pressure, Cheick. It’s not like the whole country hasn’t been following the NCAA saga concerning your eligibility.

Editorial: Uncomfortable?

Providing a completely comfortable experience for everyone at Kansas University may be an unrealistic expectation.

During recent discussions about diversity at Kansas University, much has been said about students being “uncomfortable.” It seems worth saying that part of the purpose of higher education is to expose students to thoughts and ideas that may make them uncomfortable. Creating an atmosphere where both students and faculty members are able to express and discuss difficult and controversial ideas is essential to the mission of a university.

Editorial: Key transition

Transitions in several key leadership jobs offer challenges, as well as opportunities, for Lawrence.

The resignation of Lawrence School Superintendent Rick Doll creates a vacancy in another key leadership role in the community.

Editorial: Common bonds

Thanksgiving is a good time to focus on what binds humanity together rather than what threatens to tear it apart.

If the conversation at your Thanksgiving table turns to politics today, some points made by former President Bill Clinton at Kansas University this week, might be worth pondering.

Editorial: Positive news

The first proposal for business development at Lawrence VenturePark is great news for the city.

The city’s vision for business development on the former Farmland property at the east edge of the city finally is coming into focus.

Editorial: School equity

Equalizing the academic achievement at Lawrence’s two public high schools may require some targeted funding and programs.

Ever since Lawrence decided to build a second public high school, district officials, as well as the community at large, has placed a high priority on “equity” — the need to make sure that Lawrence High School and Free State High School offer the same level of facilities and instruction for their students.

Editorial: ID concerns

International threats place more importance on the need for Americans to have proper, verified identification documents.

Proper identification, verified identification, is of growing importance in the United States, whether it applies to refugees coming into this country or those who want to vote in state and national elections.

Editorial: Key hire

The Lawrence City Commission is heading into the home stretch of the city manager hiring process.

The Lawrence City Commission has named three finalists for the job of city manager, and it’s time for local residents to get acquainted with the candidates and involved in the selection process.

Editorial: Inclusive efforts

Starting the conversation is the first step in addressing concerns about making Kansas University a more supportive and welcoming place.

The process of addressing racial attitudes and inclusion at Kansas University is just beginning, but the concerns of KU students are being heard.

Editorial: Life of service

Glee Smith’s service to Kansas and commitment to community activities set an outstanding example for the next generation of state residents to follow.

The state of Kansas needs more Glee Smiths. Smith died earlier this week after a relatively short illness and a life of tremendous involvement in an amazingly broad range of civic and professional activities.