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Views From Kansas: Don’t close Kansas schools

The Kansas Supreme Court has yet to tell the state’s citizens if they are spending enough on their schools.

Editorial: Progress on police board

City commissioners should approve a revised ordinance that allows for greater transparency.

Editorial: Oppose Westar rate increases

Electric utility’s proposal to raise prices for consumers is neither fair nor environmentally sound.

Editorial: Harsh reminder about justice

A local case underscores some of the cruel realities in our justice system for punishing criminals.

Editorial: Best choice for transit hub

Stewart Avenue location is preferable to current downtown location for numerous reasons.

Views From Kansas: ‘Roseanne’ had to go

ABC absolutely did the right thing in canceling Roseanne Barr’s television series after her racist tweet about former Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett.

Editorial: More political options a plus

Party of the Center fell short this year but should push on.

A group of Kansans pushing for the creation of a centrist party is right to continue their efforts despite coming up short in 2018. After all, Kansans can only benefit from additional political options, especially one dedicated to counter balancing political extremism on either side.

Editorial: County comes clean on Prop 1

The county tried to scare voters into approving the controversial referendum; that didn’t work.

Recent developments in Douglas County government underscore that the voters got it right when they rejected a proposed half-cent sales tax to fund a $44 million jail expansion and the construction of a mental health crisis center.

Editorial: Give full access to police board

City commissioners are right to delay ordinance until it provides proper checks and balances.

The shooting of a man by a police officer last week in Lawrence underscores the need for the Lawrence City Commission to give its community police review board access to as much information as possible when reviewing incidents.

Editorial: Get serious about fire safety

Family and Red Cross are working to raise awareness about the vital importance of smoke alarms.

The American Red Cross and a Lawrence family that knows all too well the potentially tragic consequences are sounding the alarm this weekend about the importance of smoke alarms.