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Editorial: Sponsor dollars

Sponsorships will help pay for the operation of a new city recreation center, but how much advertising should be allowed?

Many details are yet to be decided relative to the city’s new recreation center being built at Rock Chalk Park, and there are likely to be surprises — both good and bad.

Editorial: Relays tradition

The Kansas Relays is primed to reclaim its position as one of the nation’s premiere track and field events.

The Kansas Relays are a signature athletic event for Kansas University and Lawrence. They not only seem to guarantee at least one day of rain on an April weekend in Lawrence but they draw thousands of competitors and spectators to the community.

Editorial: Tax reflex

Local officials seem too quick to look to tax increases as the best way to solve their budget dilemmas.

The front page of Tuesday’s Journal-World didn’t hold any good news for Lawrence taxpayers. Lawrence residents usually are willing to pay their share of taxes for necessary city, county and school projects, but it’s disheartening to see how reflexively local officials jump to the conclusion that increased sales or property taxes are the best answer to about any budget challenge.

Editorial: Worthy coach

It would be great to see former LHS football coach Bill Freeman among this years Kansas Sports Hall of Fame inductees.

Allow us to do a little lobbying for a former Lawrence High School football coach who is more than qualified for admission into the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.

Editorial: Incentives policy

The idea needs some refinement, but the city is right to consider adding some new protections to its tax incentive policy.

The timing was off for the project at Ninth and New Hampshire, but Lawrence city commissioners are right to pursue the addition of certain conditions to the city’s tax incentive packages.

Editorial: Local votes

Having failed to come up with anything that will improve the current system, Kansas legislators should drop any effort to change the timing of local elections.

One of the legislative efforts that some observers think may resurface during the wrap-up session that begins April 30 is a bill that would move local elections for school board and city offices from April to November.

Saturday Column: 4-H leader, newsman had distinguished careers

Rather than expressing opinions about disturbing, if not illegal, actions by President Obama, challenging issues facing the city, the university and the state, the positives and negatives of the one-and-done exercise now being played by all-star university basketball players, the excessive salaries paid to all-star university basketball and football coaches compared to salaries paid to all-star faculty members and other topical matters, this writer prefers to focus this week on two unassuming but true all-stars in their respective fields.

Editorial: Picking nits

Stadium lighting that shines into your home and could affect the future of your property is a valid concern, not nitpicking.

The city probably hasn’t heard the last about the lights at Rock Chalk Park.

Editorial: Name game

Lawrence surely can do better when it comes to a name for its newest recreation center.

Thank you, city commissioners, for not applying the rubber stamp to a recommendation to saddle the city’s new recreation center with a meaningless moniker like “SportQuest.”

Editorial: KU wins, loses

The legislative session has provided some good news for Kansas University, but the picture isn’t entirely rosy.

As the Kansas Legislature headed into a three-week break, Kansas higher education officials expressed enthusiasm for what lawmakers accomplished this year. “We got almost everything we asked for,” said Kansas Board of Regents Chairman Fred Logan.