Births for April 2008

Wednesday, April 30
  • James and Meta Hetrick, Ozawkie, a boy.
  • Hongsheng Zhang and Xiaoming Yu, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, April 29
  • Jennifer Poeverlein and Russell Oldman, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Tammy Parris and Jim Marsh, Perry, a girl.
  • Dennis E. OKeefe and Tammy Pennington, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, April 28
  • Richard and Sarah Chase, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Matthew and Janele Bahnmaier, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Matt and Amanda Frost, Lawrence, a boy.
Sunday, April 27
  • Travis and Stacy Cecil, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, April 26
  • Brandon and Sadie Dye, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Laura Fernandez and Victor Alfonso Alvarez, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Rongti and Lei Zhang, Lawrence, a girl.
Friday, April 25
  • Brian R. and Jamie M. Miller,, Ottawa, a boy.
Thursday, April 24
  • Margaret and Jonathan Morris, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Brian and Katrina Yoakum, Tecumseh, a girl.
Wednesday, April 23
  • Angela and Thomas Jacobson, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, April 22
  • Russell and Jennifer White, Linwood, a girl.
  • Amber Worden and Anthony Brown, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jared and Jalayne Culbertson, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, April 21
  • Daniel and Stacy Roman, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jessica Freeman and Michael Lash, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, April 19
  • Tiffany and Ryan Dralle, Lawrence, a boy.
Friday, April 18
  • Keri Truscello and Geoff Stalker, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Katherine and Michael Pierson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Rachel Rendina and John Lee, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Kevin Davis and Lori Simmons, Lawrence and Ottawa, a boy.
Thursday, April 17
  • James and Kimberlea Greenage, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Gabrielle Cummins and Ryan Grinnell, Lawrence, a girl.
Wednesday, April 16
  • Matt and Christian Vargas, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Robert Gassert and Heather Copeland, Eudora, a girl.
  • Katie Fender and Tom Darnell, Wellsville, a girl.
  • Sophia Jones and Rodney Atwell, Lawrence, a girl.
Tuesday, April 15
  • Matt and Abbey Jones, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, April 12
  • Teresa Everts and Will McLay, Baldwin City, a girl.
Tuesday, April 15
  • Laura and Douglas Brown, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, April 14
  • Scott and Tracy Cowman, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Sarah Helm and Charles Harris Sr., Lawrence, a girl.
Sunday, April 13
  • Bonnie J. Willis and Justin H. Taylor, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Louie and Cori Matsakis, Lawrence, a boy.
Saturday, April 12
  • Jennifer Upton and Justin Feurt, Eudora, a boy.
Friday, April 11
  • Stephen and Julia Fletcher, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jeremy and Liz Hahn, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Isaiah and Angela Eberhart, Prairie Village, a girl.
Thursday, April 10
  • Charnele Johnson and Daryl Hayes Jr., Lawrence, a girl.
  • Timothy and Christina Driggs, Tecumseh, a boy.
Wednesday, April 9
  • Travis Guthrie and Jami Morris, Tonganoxie, a girl.
  • Brad Zacher and Stacey Wiley, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jeremiah and Krystle Hartley, Tonganoxie, a boy.
  • Dennis Luber and Lauren Feldkamp, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Melissa Rose Arnold, Mundelein, Ill., a girl.
Tuesday, April 8
  • Paul and Jill Lock, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Tiffany Olson, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, April 7
  • Julie and Jarret Rea, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Michelle Hildebrand, Baldwin City, a girl.
Saturday, April 5
  • Thomas and Janet Fredendall, Lawrence, a boy.
Friday, April 4
  • Jessica and Chris Byrd, Lawrence, a girl.
Thursday, April 3
  • Jamie and Gina Lopez, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Liberty Transmeier and Beau Hewins, Eudora, a girl.
  • Justin and Kimberly Hertach, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Gerald and Allison Guingao, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, April 2
  • Melanie and Micah Seybold, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Brian and Anna Lansbury, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Bryan and Suzanne Catterson, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, April 1
  • Jenny Nave and Rodney Farmer, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jeff and Lori Warrender, Lawrence, a boy.