Births for February 2001

Tuesday, Feb. 27
  • Nicholas and Melissa Eldreth, McLouth, a girl.
Monday, Feb. 26
  • Brian and Jennifer Haynes, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Brian and Jennifer Haynes, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Robin Lewis, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Mariam and Zahir Sadik, Lawrence, a girl.
Sunday, Feb. 25
  • Ericka and Jay Waller, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Feb. 24
  • Julie and Aaron Setters, Ottawa, a boy.
  • Brian McNish and Kristina Mitchell, Lawrence, a girl.
Friday, Feb. 23
  • Mona Al-Assaf and Ahmed Al-Sentali, Lawrence, a girl.
Thursday, Feb. 22
  • Bob and Michelle Scott, Winchester, a boy.
  • Carl B. Fletcher and Melissa B. Marsh, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Brandi Little and Joshua Wilcoxen, Lawrence, a girl.
  • DeJae Smith and Jessica Farrar, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, Feb. 19
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Newman, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Bill and Tara Vereen, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Shawn and Dwight Gigstad, Nortonville, a boy.
  • Jenna Warford and Matthew Roste-Unfred, Perry, a girl.
Sunday, Feb. 18
  • Michael and Kim Augustine, Lawrence, a boy.
Saturday, Feb. 17
  • Nicole Willits, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Sarah Helm, Perry, a boy.
  • Corey and Leah Lane, Lawrence, a girl.
Thursday, Feb. 15
  • Dawn and Michael Bennett, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Larry and Shara Flaherty, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Heather and Chris Graham, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, Feb. 14
  • Mary Place and Donny Rayton, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Joseph R. Kaub and Charlene Anthony, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Debbie and Andrew Pitts, Lawrence, a boy.
Sunday, Feb. 11
  • Shawn and Kelly Minihan, Topeka, a boy.
Saturday, Feb. 10
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kelfel Aqui, Lawrence, a girl.
Thursday, Feb. 8
  • Kelly McArthur, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Kimberly Wealthall and Justin Moten, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, Feb. 6
  • Amity Weddle and Tony Cooley, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Eric and Angela Jeppesen, Topeka, a boy.
  • Eric and Robyn Self, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Richard and Laurie Rains, Lawrence, a boy.
Saturday, Feb. 3
  • Kellie Belvins and Joe Helms, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Mike and Kelly Mondi, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, Feb. 1
  • Dana and Tracy Rockers, Baldwin, a boy.
Friday, Feb. 2
  • Angel and Wayne Walker, Ottawa, a boy.
  • Jeff and Sabrina Wellman, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Randy and Desirae Perry, Lawrence, a girl.
Thursday, Feb. 1
  • Delbert and Melinda Schultz, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Doug and Shelly Nations, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Greg and Lisa Ellis, Lawrence, a boy.