New & high-resolution things in social media

It’s been a little quiet around here, huh? Well, things haven’t slowed down a bit here at The World Company or in our social media circles. We have quite a few new things going on that have kept everyone pretty busy.

Speaking of new things, I would be one of the new faces around the office.

Hello! I’m excited to be the new social media specialist and am anxious to dive right in and join the conversations already circulating around the area about the latest in social media.

This week, the announcement of the new Apple iPad caused quite a buzz around the Web and on various social media channels. Mashable covered the news with a great gallery of photos to showcase the high-resolution Retina display, improved camera and 1080p video capabilities. Gadgets have a big effect on how we use, share and create things online, especially in social media. What do you foresee as a game changer in social media in the near future? Do you think the ever-increasing resolution levels of screens on gadgets like the new iPad will push marketers to step up their content creation plans? Or do you think trendy platforms like Pinterest will spark the next big wave of changes (if it hasn’t already)? Share your predictions in the comments. I look forward to hearing (err…reading) what you guys think.