Which social technographics define you?

A few years ago Forrester researchers Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff created the Social Technographics Ladder – a system that revolutionized how we look at behavior and interaction in social media by placing users into overlapping categories. Each ladder rung defined a specific set of behaviors, and people can fall into more than one rung.

Today, Bernoff updated the ladder system to include “Conversationalists,” a.k.a. “people who update their status” on a network like Facebook, Twitter or FriendFeed. Read the details on the Groundswell blog.

The categories are all showing steady growth in population (some faster than others) based on Forrester’s research, but the addition of Conversationalists is more evidence to support the case for genuine interaction and communication on social media platforms. This is a behavior that we’re starting to embrace at the Journal-World by developing new ways to not only give you information, but listen and interact with you, too.

Personally, I am a Creator, Conversationalist, Critic, Collector, Joiner and Spectator – every rung except Inactive! Which, if any, of these ladder rungs describe you? Which rungs described you two years ago?

Hint: If you’re reading this, you’re at least a Spectator. If you have an account on Facebook, you’re a Joiner. If you leave us a comment, you’re a Critic.