Lawrence Libations: Grape Drank at Frank’s North Star Tavern

The Grape Drank at Frank's North Star Tavern, 508 Locust St.

We literally drank the Kool-Aid — and vodka, naturally — in this month’s Lawrence Libations.

Frank North Star Tavern’s signature “drank” involves plenty of the two, but also mixes in soda water to keep things from getting too sugary sweet.

And, because summer’s almost here and also because my horoscope in the venerable pages of People StyleWatch told me I’d be feeling nostalgic this season, the dominant flavors of grape Kool-Aid here definitely served as a welcome reminder of carefree days gone by. (Like, the days when you’d go to your neighbor’s house and drink Kool-Aid, because your own mom had ~views~ on those sorts of beverages.)

Drink up, kids at heart and fellow Pisces.

The hard stuff: Vodka

Where it’s served: Frank’s North Star Tavern, 508 Locust St.

What it costs: $3.50 for a single (you can get it on special for $3 on Saturdays)

Other libations at this location: A wide selection of wines and on-tap beers, plus other wacky creations like the Cap’n Frank’s Rum Punch in the Throat, which comprises a four-rum blend with orange and cranberry juices. (Cap’n Frank, also known as bar owner Frank Dorsey, is home and seems to be doing well after the hit-and-run accident that left him hospitalized earlier this month, tavern employees told me.)