Moore, Boyda want stronger safety measures for toys

Rep. Dennis Moore (D) !(KMBC) Moore, Cleaver want stronger safety commission: With the arrival of the holiday and toy-buying season, two local congressmen said it’s time the government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission start living up to its name. Reps. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., and Dennis Moore, D-Kan., are behind a move to make a stronger safety commission, and they hope to get it done by Christmas. “We’ve provided them with more money so they increase their budget and hire more inspectors. The problem is, they won’t,” Cleaver said. “I hope he’s wrong but I’m afraid he’s right. We need to put some teeth in their policies because what we’re trying to do is protect our kids,” Moore said. Meanwhile, parents are being warned to watch out for toys that contain lead._According to her office, U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda, D-Kan., also has co-sponsored legislation aimed at expanding testing standards that requires a third party to inspect all children’s products and to require tracking labels to help parents tell if a toy is recalled._