Moran says the federal government has failed on immigration reform

Rep. Jerry Moran (R) !(Dodge City Globe) Moran says federal government failed on immigration reform: Congress is struggling to pass immigration reform because President Bush and some lawmakers want to provide an eventual path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, while other lawmakers are interested only in tighter security at the Mexican border, Congressman Jerry Moran said Monday. “The federal government has failed,” he said during the Dodge City Rotary Club meeting at Casey’s Cowtown Club. Rep. Nancy Boyda (D) !(Media Matters for America) Media watchdog criticizes NYT story that featured Boyda: In a Tuesday front-page New York Times article, staff writer Carl Hulse asserted that “the possibility” that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) will be the Democratic presidential nominee “is already generating concern among some Democrats in Republican-leaning states and Congressional districts, who fear that sharing the ticket with her could subject them to attack as too liberal and out of step with the values of their constituents” and reported that “House Democrats do not like to discuss the idea of reverse coattails for fear of giving it too much credence and angering the Clinton camp.” However, while Hulse quoted several Republicans supporting the theory that Democrats have something to “fear” from Clinton becoming the party’s nominee, he quoted no Democrats, by name or anonymously, who said they “fear … sharing the ticket” with ClintonSen. Pat Roberts (R)!(Cattle Network) Senate passes Peru Free Trade Agreement: U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) Tuesday announced that the Senate passed the Peru Free Trade Agreement by a 77-18 vote. “I am pleased the Senate approved this bill important to our Kansas farmers and ranchers and our Kansas economy,” Senator Roberts said. “I am hopeful that this is the beginning of more action on future trade agreements and eventually, trade promotion authority. This is a good start to a long delayed trade agenda. In Kansas, as it is with the United States as a whole, international trade is important to our state economy. As the top wheat producer with almost half of all wheat produced exported, the importance of opening and expanding foreign markets is crucial to ensuring rural America’s survival. However, the trade agreement with Peru reduces trade barriers beyond the farm gates.” The Peru Free Trade Agreement provides duty free access to 90 percent of current agriculture exports to Peru. In 2006, almost 32 percent of Kansas’s farm economy relied on agricultural exports.