Letter to the editor: Their stable genius

To the editor:

The mantra of the right (wrong party) is that the swamp/deep state is trying to reverse the 2016 election. Anybody out there forget the birther conspiracy and/or the chants of, “a one-term president” … ad infinitum et absurdum? The wrong party kept this up for eight years. They fight every move to “provide for the common good.”

Now we have a stable genius attempting to invalidate the will of the people in the 2008 and 2012 elections by obsessively reversing anything associated with the previous administration. Let’s get this impeachment trial over with and get to the real work of the wrong party; get those tobacco farmers back to full employment and tort protected, black lung disease back up to epidemic proportions, maximize economic inequalities, preserve and legitimize second-class citizenry, put the lead back in our ammo, re-smog Los Angeles, set that river back on fire and let it burn, and, asbestos back in our construction industry. We could all add so much more.

The best and easiest ways to do so will be to hijack free speech and privatize government. Looks to me like they are more than half way there. The trouble seems to be with the wrong party. They did not just jump on this 2016 bandwagon; they have been looking for a stable genius deity for a long time. Now they have him and he and all hell is unleashed.

Don E. Brennaman,



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