Lawrence High girls swim and dive wins home invitational

Lawrence High's Morgan Jones swims to a first place finish during the final heat of the Girls 200 Yard Freestyle event on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at Lawrence High School.

The Lawrence High girls swim and dive team takes a great deal of pride in performing well in front of its fans, and the Lions did not disappoint them at their home invitational on Tuesday.

The Lions won 10 of the 12 events at the Lawrence Invitational — including all three relays — en route to a team score of 445 points. Mill Valley was the runner-up with 292 points.

“We have one more home meet, but all of the home meets are important,” LHS coach Kent McDonald said. “We want to do really well here. With six teams, it was a good win for us.”

Lawrence High swimmer Marian Frick lays out as she dives into the pool for the breast stroke leg during the Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay event on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at Lawrence High School.

Sophomores Morgan Jones and Emily Guo won two individual events apiece. Jones showcased her endurance with first-place finishes in the 200-and 500-yard freestyles.

“She’s a distance swimmer. I’m saying that she’s racing into shape,” said McDonald of Jones. “She’s racing the 500 (freestyle) almost every meet, and she’s doing really well. She still wants to drop some more time. She thinks she’s a distance swimmer, but her 50 free and 100 free times are really good, too.”

Jones has also been one of the Lawrence cross country team’s top performers over the past two seasons. While Jones would rather run and swim shorter distances, she embraces her strength in the long-distance events.

“I think running helps a lot with my endurance, especially during this high school season,” Jones said. “I think it helps a lot.”

Jones chipped in on the Lions’ first-places finishes in the 200-and 400-yard freestyle relays as well. Marian Frick, Jamie Abernathy, Megan Drumm swam the first three legs of the 200 free relay before Jones brought it home as the anchor. Jones led off the 400 free relay, and Drumm, Abernathy and Guo rounded out the first-place performance.

McDonald enjoyed seeing Maddie Dean, Mary Reed-Weston, Payton Gunderson and Frick finish second to the Lions’ ‘A’ relay team to conclude the meet.

“We wanted to hit the relays with our best swimmers. It’s double points, so that helps,” McDonald said. “The last event (400-yard freestyle relay), we wanted to end kind of flashing, going first and second. We have enough good swimmers that we can do that.”

Guo was also a part of two winning relay teams, as she was joined by Dean, Frick and Drumm in the 200-yard medley. The sophomore standout added individual victories in the 200-yard IM and the 100-yard butterfly.

“I like starting out with the IM because I enjoy doing that event,” Guo said. “The first event just kind of sets the tone for the rest of the meet.”

The other first-place finishes for the Lions came from Dean (100-yard backstroke), Frick (100-yard breaststroke) and Eden Kingery (1-meter dive).

“It’s really nice to have such good representation here at home where there is the school watching,” Jones said. “It just makes me feel really good about our team.”

Lawrence Invitational results

Team scores — 1. Lawrence High, 445; 2. Mill Valley, 292; 3. Washburn Rural, 287; 4. Shawnee Heights, 186; 5. Leavenworth, 83; 6. Topeka West, 75.

200 medley relay — 1. Maddie Dean, Marian Frick, Emily Guo, Megan Drumm, 1:56.54; 4. Mary Reed-Weston, Payton Gunderson, Brooke Wroten, Chandler Sells, 2:08.33; 10. Lisa Yang, Eleanor Matheis, Ana Lopez, Alicia Ruder, 2:33.93.

200 freestyle — 1. Morgan Jones, 2:01.76; 7. Kimberly Myers, 2:33.37.

200 IM — 1. Emily Guo, 2:13.64; 2. Mary Reed-Weston, 2:26.88; 3. Payton Gunderson, 2:28.28; 9. Vanessa Hernandez, 2:51.72.

50 freestyle — 2. Jamie Abernathy, 27.48; 3. Brooke Wroten, 27.66; 4. Chandler Sells, 28.27; 5. Meredith Von Feldt, 29.94; T-9. Haven Bellerive, 31.12; T-9. Lillian Wilson-Lewis, 31.12; 11. Lisa Yang, 31.21; 15. Laura Leach, 31.77; 17. Laura Leach, 31.77; 21. Allison Ramaley, 32.49; 26. Rachel Nikolov, 33.44; 29. Nicole Aqui, 34.24; 31. Skylar Steichen, 34.35; 34. Arianna Arenth-Myers, 34.90; T-36. Izzy Hedges, 35.01; T-43. Madeline Johnson, 35.65; 46. Ana Lopez, 36.30; 50. Sydney Pritchard, 36.68; 59. Emily Kruse, 37.94; 64. Anna Swim, 39.45; 65. Emily Gordon-Ross, 39.77; 71. Isabel Mann, 42.63; 75. Aurelia Balcazar, 44.88; 76. Shikeyah Brunello, 44.96.

1-meter dive — 1. Eden Kingery, 226.40.

100 butterfly — 1. Emily Guo, 1:01.28; 2. Megan Drumm, 1:06.56; 15. Megan Durner, 1:36.32.

100 freestyle — 3. Maddie Dean, 59.69; 4. Jamie Abernathy, 1:00.63; 8. Brooke Wroten, 1:02.23; 9. Chandler Sells, 1:02.68.

500 freestyle — 1. Morgan Jones, 5:24.65; 5. Kimberly Myers, 6:42.12; 7. Eleanor Matheis, 6:54.55.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Marian Frick, Jamie Abernathy, Megan Drumm, Morgan Jones, 1:49.03; 3. Chandler Sells, Vanessa Hernandez, Haven Bellerive, Brooke Wroten, 1:57.25; 8. Kimberly Myers, Lillian Wilson-Lewis, Rachel Nikolov, Alicia Ruder, 2:12.08; 12. Arianna Myers-Arenth, Izzy Hedges, Ana Lopez, Skylar Steichen, 2:21.06.

100 backstroke — 1. Maddie Dean, 1:04.79; 5. Meredith Von Feldt, 1:17.54; 8. Lisa Yang, 1:23.15; 15. Laura Leach, 1:36.31.

100 breaststroke — 1. Marian Frick, 1:08.62; 2. Mary Reed-Weston, 1:14.98; 4. Payton Gunderson, 1:18.32; 10. Eleanor Matheis, 1:29.27.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Morgan Jones, Megan Drumm, Jamie Abernathy, Emily Guo, 3:52.15; 2. Maddie Dean, Mary Reed-Weston, Payton Gunderson, Marian Frick, 4:02.76; 5. Haven Bellerive, Lillian Wilson-Lewis, Kimberly Myers, Meredith Von Feldt, 4:42.37; 10. Rachel Nikolov, Lisa Yang, Alicia Ruder, Vanessa Hernandez, 4:54.87.