LHS, Free State split bowling City Showdown

Lawrence High bowler Ashlee Erickson goes through her windup during competition against Free State on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 at Royal Crest Lanes

Lawrence High junior bowler Miranda Krom has rolled plenty of good games this season. But there’s just something different when bragging rights are on the line in the City Showdown.

Krom rolled her best three-game series of the year, a 633, to lift the Lions to a 41-pin victory over Free State High on Monday at Royal Crest Lanes, 2,314-2,273. The Firebird boys’ team knocked down a season-high 2,745 pins in a victory over LHS, led by senior Tyrease Richards, who rolled a 689 series on his Senior Night.

Krom was sick for the past few days, but that wasn’t going to stop her from competing against Free State.

Lawrence High bowler Ashlee Erickson goes through her windup during competition against Free State on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 at Royal Crest Lanes

Free State bowler Matthew Eagle competes against Lawrence High on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 at Royal Crest Lanes

Free State High bowler Bri Martin rolls against Lawrence High on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 at Royal Crest Lanes

Lawrence High bowler Adonis Stanwix competes against Free State on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 at Royal Crest Lanes

“I love it,” Krom said. “Every year I look forward to the City Showdown. It’s the best thing of the whole year.”

A two-time state qualifier, Krom pulled her arm back more after struggling to hit the pocket on her rolls in the first game. She responded by scoring a 239 in her second game, the highest one-game total between both of the girls’ squads.

The Lions also picked up high scores from senior Ashlee Erickson, who rolled a 610 series to finish third overall, and Morgan Daniels, who was fifth with a 545.

“We had some great scores,” LHS coach Paula Bastemeyer said. “Ashlee is just coming right along, and Miranda Krom, both of them are really stepping up.”

The Firebirds were led by junior Jamie Souders, who took second overall with a 615, while junior Maddy Dethloff followed with a 567.

“They had some good games and some bad games,” FSHS coach Burton Gepford said. “But in the end, they were only 41 pins away from Lawrence High, and Lawrence High has been one of the leading schools in the Sunflower (League). So to be that close is a good feeling.”

The Free State boys’ team was locked in from the start. Three bowlers finished with series total above 645: Richards, junior Avery Allen and junior Matt Meseke.

Richards, who also has been sick for the last four days, recorded a 231 in his opening game before following with a 269. In both games, he tossed a strike or picked up a spare in every frame.

“It was like taking a nice, long weekend off, not doing anything, just having time to rest,” Richards said of being sick. “Then to come back today and actually bowl this well … I mean, I didn’t think this was going to happen before regionals.”

Meseke and Allen both went on a stretches with several strikes and limited open frames. Allen rolled a 227 in his second game and ended with a 258, while Meseke opened with a 254.

“Those are the scores that will get you to state, even win state,” Gepford said. “So to see them at the end of the season run away with that score, that’s a great feeling. With regionals being (at Royal Crest), that’s even better. Our last home tournament here, we shot our highest series (2,662), so to beat it by 100 pins, give or take, it’s a good feeling.”

Adonis Stanwix led the Lions with a 657 series. He rolled a 247 in his second game, opening with six straight strikes. Dillon Schroeder added a 247 during his first game in his 630 series.

Both schools will compete in the Sunflower League meet at noon Thursday at Crown Lanes in Leavenworth.

Bowling City Showdown

Monday at Royal Crest Lanes

Girls three-game series

Varsity team scores: Lawrence 2314, Free State 2273.

Lawrence High girls varsity

  1. Miranda Krom, 194-239-200 — 633; 3. Ashlee Erickson, 193-217-200 — 610; 5. Morgan Daniels, 213-144-188 — 545; Holly Evans, 192-155-149 — 496; Kaitlyn Applegate, 148-167-156; Diamonique Vann, 144-148-151 — 443.

Free State girls varsity

  1. Jamie Souders, 198-204-213 — 615; 4. Maddy Dethloff, 170-207-190 — 567; Gentry Jordan, 167-149-202 — 518; Bri Martin, 179-157-182 — 518; Ashley Givens, 131-204-148 — 483; Morgan Wright, 114-127-139 — 380.

Junior Varsity team scores: Lawrence 1834, Free State 1704.

Lawrence High girls JV

  1. Miranda Sexton, 156-176-182 — 514; 2. Izzy Schmidtberger, 156-159-164 — 479; 3. Hannah Reed, 146-149-160 — 455; Renea McNemee, 147-113-126 — 386; Dana Bequette, 91-111-84 — 286; Taylor Webb, 92-104-71 — 267.

Free State girls JV

  1. Brianna Burenheide, 174-136-127 — 437; 5. Sarah Pesce, 147-142-145 — 434; Sapphie Knight, 123-146-157 — 426; Chaise Hegrenes, 115-134-146 — 395; Erica Crockett, 127-119-80 — 326; Jillian Schuler, 108-81-74 — 263.

Boys three-game series

Varsity team scores: Free State 2745, Lawrence 2571.

Free State boys varsity

  1. Tyrease Richards, 231-269-189 — 689; 2. Allen Avery, 172-227-258 — 657; 4. Matt Meseke, 254-178-213 — 645; 5. Matthew Eagle, 226-216-190 — 632; Alex Jimenez, 191-237-201 — 629; Eric Glogau, 152-199-222 — 573.

Lawrence High boys varsity

  1. Adonis Stanwix, 170-247-240 — 657; Dillon Schroeder, 247-159-224 — 630; Javier Lemmons, 191-208-214 — 613; Triston Decker, 172-213-221 — 607; Ivan Davidson, 193-200-179 — 572; Hunter Krom, 165-166-203 — 534.

Junior Varsity team scores: Lawrence 2461, Free State 2056.

Lawrence High boys JV

  1. Morgan Sisson, 224-215-227 — 666; 2. Michael Blocker, 197-248-202 — 647; 3. Cameron Stussie, 192-221-174; 4. Montez Sanchez, 158-195-193 — 546; Sam Thomas, 144-210-137 — 491; Ethan Huslig, 135-165-144 — 444.

Free State boys JV

  1. Alex Craig, 200-170-173 — 543; John Easum, 170-153-187 — 510; Zach Lockwood, 164-168-167 — 499; Dylan Edwinson, 131-156-188 — 475; Dmitri Smith, 138-168-137 — 443; Josiah LeBrun, 145-143-133 — 421.