FSHS tennis rolls over MVHS

? Free State High dropped just one match in an 8-1 dual tennis victory over Mill Valley on Thursday.

Caitlin Dodd, Ali Dodd, Taylor Hawkins, Rachel Walters and Andrea Chen each won in singles, and Dodd-Dodd, Hawkins-Walters and Natalie Myers-Chen claimed doubles victories.

“It was nice to see the girls come out strong today and really apply all the things we have been working on all season with such great results,” FSHS coach Oather Strawderman said.


Caitlin Dodd, FS, def. Paige Wiebe 8-5

Ali Dodd, FS, def. Mikaelu McCabe 8-1

Taylor Hawkins, FS, def. Lauren Tracht 8-2

Rachel Walters, FS, def. Taylor Felshaw 8-4

Myesha Kennedy, MV, def. Natalie Myers 8-4

Andrea Chen, FS, def. Courtney Bohnert 8-1


Dodd-Dodd, FS, def. McCabe -Felshaw 8-4

Hawkins-Walters, FS, def. Wiebe-Tracht 8-1

Myers-Chen, FS, def. Kennedy-Bohnert 8-1