Brownback’s former budget director, Anderson, will work on state fiscal policy with KPI

? Steve Anderson, who resigned last month as Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget director, will continue to work on state fiscal policy, it was announced today.

Anderson, a certified public accountant, is returning to work for the Kansas Policy Institute, a Wichita-based think tank that advocates tax cuts and lower school funding.

Anderson, 59, will serve in a part-time consulting role focusing on fiscal policy and government operations, according to the Wichita-based KPI.

“It is great to have Steve coming home again to help us show how tax reform can be implemented by reducing the cost of government services. His experience as a CPA and time in government make him uniquely qualified to find fiscally responsible solutions in government,” said KPI President Dave Trabert.

For the past three years, Anderson was the state’s budget director, pushing for Brownback’s fiscal policies.

Brownback has signed into law income tax cuts that he says will boost the economy, but critics say will shift the tax burden onto lower income Kansans and restrict funding for schools and social services.

Brownback’s choice of Anderson as state budget director raised eyebrows because of Anderson’s previous work with Americans for Prosperity, an organization founded by billionaire David Koch that promotes cuts in taxes, regulations and the size of government.