Heard on the Hill: KU to open parking lots for homecoming parade; recycling program in existence at Allen Fieldhouse; some applicants have problems with new jobs site

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• This goes out to any Lawrence residents who were pondering a trip to campus for Friday’s KU homecoming parade but were worried they’d find nowhere to park without risking a ticket: No need to worry.

KU’s Parking and Transit office will open up all the lots around Memorial Stadium, as well as the sizable lot in front of the Amber Student Recreation Fitness Center along Naismith Drive, for use by visitors.

Starting at 5 p.m., parade attendees can park in those spots without worry.

From there, they can walk up the hill to Jayhawk Boulevard to catch the parade, which starts at 6. And if they so choose, they can follow the parade to the Adams Alumni Center for the 7 p.m. post-parade pep rally, which is new this year.

The lots will remain free of restriction for the rest of the night, said Tim Caboni, KU’s vice chancellor for public affairs.

He said he was spreading the word about the available parking because KU wants Lawrence residents to get involved in the homecoming events, and for Lawrence and KU to interact more in general. As he says, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little would like to “lift the crimson and blue curtain” around the campus.

• An addendum to Wednesday’s story about a new football gameday recycling program comes from KU Athletics spokesman Todd Kober.

The story mentioned that organizers hoped to move the recycling effort to other athletic events as well, including basketball games. But it did not mention that Allen Fieldhouse does not lack a recycling program.

About two years ago, the crews that clean out the Fieldhouse after basketball games began separating recyclables from trash as they swept through the bleachers, Kober said.

Recycling bins are also spread throughout the Fieldhouse.

Student Body President Hannah Bolton did mention that these efforts exist when she told me she hopes for the new recycling program to move to basketball games. The group simply aims to help increase recycling beyond what’s happening now, however it can, she said.

• Thanks to the tipster who told me he’d been hearing that people were having some trouble applying online for jobs at KU.

I checked in with KU human resources director Ola Faucher to see if there had been any issues.

She told me that KU had launched a new jobs webpage, employment.ku.edu, earlier this month along with its new HR/payroll system.

The HR folks noticed that some applicants were having trouble because they were mistakenly submitting their forms before they had clicked through all the necessary pages. But now they’ve posted some new instructions (which you can find on this page) for applicants to use as they figure out how to navigate the new system.

And plenty of folks were applying for jobs with no incident, Faucher said: More than 600 successful applications for 107 different jobs have gone through since the new site launched about two weeks ago.

So, if you want a job at KU, apply away. But do let us know if you experience any further problems.

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