What are those birds everywhere? Jayhawks on Parade

Where are they now?

Where the beloved mascot sculptures are now

• Lions and Tigers and Hawks, Oh My! – in front of the Hilltop Child Devleopment Center, 1605 Irving Hill Rd.

• Mardi Gras on the Kaw Hawk – at the Lied Center of Kansas, 1600 Stewart Dr.

• So Many Faces, But one Heart that Bleeds Crimson and Blue – in lobby of KU Visitor Center, southeastern corner of 15th and Iowa streets.

• Merhawk on the Kaw – Outside Jayhawk Bookstore, 1420 Crescent Rd.

• Bit o’ Hawk, Primary Hawk, Mascot Miro – owned by Bill and Janet Muggy, on a farm near Eudora.

• Classic Jayhawk – A replica of the original roosts in front of the Kansas Union, 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. The original, which was damaged and repaired, is inside the Union.

• Whoosh! – on second floor of KU Alumni Association, 1266 Oread Ave.

• Peacock on Parade – in the lobby of Mar Lan Construction, 1008 N.H.

• Gogh Hawks Gogh – In the basement of KLWN, 3125 W. Sixth St., after vandalism

• Abrs-hawk-tion – at Community Living Opportunities, 2125 Del.

• John Brown Hawk – inside the News Center, 645 N.H.

• Uncle Sam Hawk – at Lawrence Service Center McDonald’s on Interstate 70.

• Hot Hawk – in the 800 block of Vermont Street.

• Doc Hawk – inside the northeastern entrance of Lawrence Medical Plaza, 1112 W. Sixth St.

• Peace, Love and Daisy Hill Forever – in possession of Douglas County Bank, at 15th and Kasold.

• The Kansan – destroyed by vandals.

• A Hawk with a View – outside Cottonwood Inc., 2801 W. 31st St.

• Shamrock Hawk – Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics, 2858 Four Wheel Dr.

• Patchwork Hawk – between rugby fields at Westwick Rugby Complex, County Road 458, Lawrence.

• Heroic Hawk – in front of leasing office at Ironwood Court, 1501 George Williams Way.

• Rock Chalk Jayhawk Kubism – inside office building at 10901 Granada Lane, Overland Park.

• We Are All Stars- at Lawrence Visitor Information Center, 401 N. Second St.

• Chip Off the Old Hawk – believed to be in private ownership in Lawrence.

• Jayhawk as a Cow on Parade – last known to be in private ownership.

• Hawk of the Arts – last known to be in private ownership.

• Holy Hawk – last known to have gone to a business somewhere in Kansas.

• Puttin’ on the Glitz – may have gone to California.

• Marvelous Mosaic – last seen next to a golf course in Denver.

In 2003, the Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau and participating organizations distributed 30 5-foot Jayhawk sculptures around town as part of Jayhawks on Parade, an art exhibit and fundraiser. Nine years later, 19 still can be viewed by the public.

Local artists painted the sculptures, which the bureau later sold. Buyers donated the birds to Kansas University, or placed the colorful Jayhawks in their businesses or homes.

Bill and Janet Muggy, former Jayhawk bookstore owners, keep three of the four birds they own on their farm, one mile southwest of Eudora.

“We love them,” Janet said. “They don’t all look like Jayhawks. The artists put their own artistic spins on them.”

The Kansas wind and weather have not been kind to some Jayhawks. The Muggys recently spent $600 repainting and repairing the birds.

Other birds have spread across the country, landing in Colorado and California.

While the sculptures have dispersed, Muggy said the birds remain a perfect representation of KU.

“They are like students,” she said. “They are scattered far and wide, but they are still a Jayhawk.”

— Staff intern Adam Strunk can be reached at 832-7146.