Teacher gets jail time for sex with student

? A former Basehor-Linwood High School teacher will serve two days in jail for inappropriate sexual relations with a student.

Scott Neil, who was a high school history teacher and wrestling coach, received a six-month suspended sentence Wednesday in Leavenworth County District Court for one count of unlawful sexual relations with a 16-year-old student. Judge Gunnar Sundby also ordered Neil to spend 48 hours in jail with 12 months probation, during which he must complete a sex offender program. Neil also must register as a sex offender.

Neil, a 44-year-old Tonganoxie resident, pleaded guilty Feb. 17 for two 2008 incidents that took place with the female student. Prosecutors said one took place in the high school.

At Neil’s sentencing hearing, the victim’s mother she was disturbed and disgusted by the actions of a man whom Basehor-Linwood students had trusted.

“I’m still trying to understand why Scott Neil … preyed on my young, naïve daughter,” she said. “We as parents believed we could send her to school safe with the assurance she would be taken care of by the faculty. I also wish my daughter had the self-confidence … to have not allowed it. She gave into the fantasy he created for her. She fell to his sickening charm. It sickens me he took something so intimate for a young lady and made a mockery of it.”

The mother asked the court to take into account the age difference between Neil and her daughter, as well as his position as a teacher at the time the crime occurred.

Neil’s attorney, Patrick Lewis, said Neil took full responsibility for his actions and had on numerous occasions expressed his remorse.

“I think the most important thing I can inform this court of is in all of our conversations, (Neil) has never attempted to push off responsibility,” Lewis said. “He has never blamed the young woman involved. He knows he had a responsibility as a teacher, and he violated that. He’s asked himself why this happened, how he could make such a big mistake, and he’s had difficulty figuring that out.”

Neil also addressed the court before he was sentenced and said he hoped the student, her family, his own family and the school district could someday forgive him.

Sundby imposed 48 hours in jail.

“You can take two days to think about what you’ve done, free from the distractions of home,” Sundby said. “I think you need an answer to why this happened.”

Neil was hired at the high school in 1996. He was earning $43,857 annually when he resigned his teaching and coaching duties in October 2009.

In addition to Neil, a second teacher in the Basehor-Linwood district has been suspended in connection with allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with the same student. The second case remains under investigation with no charges filed.