Poor comparison

To the editor:

“‘Christian’ activists blowing up abortion clinics,” as the Washington Post’s Jim Hoagland wrote on July 3, obviously proves the danger to our civilization and the moral equivalence of Christian and Islamic fundamentalist “intolerance.”


First, consider the past 10 years of “blowing up abortion clinics.” During that time (according to the pro-abortion National Abortion Federation) there have been nine clinic bombings, with one bombing-connected murder. Two of those bombings were done by one man, now in prison. No bombings during the past four years. While there were additional arsons and arson attempts, most were after hours and caused minimal damage. The Christian fundamentalist response? Countless individuals, pastors and organizations condemned all these criminal acts.

During the past 10 years, Muslim fascists murdered 16 Americans on the USS Cole, 3,000 on Sept. 11, and countless others in places like the United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia and the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of fundamentalist Muslims responded by dancing in the streets every time “infidels” were murdered. There was almost a complete failure of the leaders of Islam to condemn this lawlessness and tyranny through fear.

Taken at his word, Hoagland can’t tell the difference between Christian fundamentalism and the tyrannical Islamo-fascists who would destroy our liberties and our civilization. I wonder why. Perhaps his own intolerance blinds his judgment.

David Upchurch,